Leaving when the Game Starts but Coming Back

OK this so this feature is really starting to piss me off. I don’t know why the game suddenly ends when the match hasn’t even started and then for some reason your internet disconnects and you connect in a few seconds and you lose SR and get time banned from rank.

If Blizzard is afraid that the game will start and the team with a leaver the first few seconds of the match will lose because of that, then why do people who stay afk for the first few seconds of the match not get kicked out? If someone reconnects shortly after they left the game they shouldn’t get penalized. Even if the game needs to end b/c the team with the leaver the first few seconds caused a disadvantage for their team, then let it end. But don’t give penalities to the player who can reconnect shortly afterwards. But if they abuse it like do it often in a short period of time, then they should get a penalty.

Anybody else pissed off because of this? Also, why doesn’t this game have a reconnect feature like all other multiplayer games?

Sorry for popping off, this feature is really starting to piss me off. Especially since this game has been out for 4 years and it still hasn’t been fixed.

The rule applies primarily for all remaining players in the game. In a majority of cases, players do not return when they disconnect, and because the game had just started it’s more fair for the game to completely cancel and allow everyone to get back into the queue to find a new match rather than play out a game where a team is a man down.

The AFK timer is a full 45 seconds. There can also be unfortunate situations where a player is attempting to try and get going if they’re having high amount of latency but if not yet fully disconnected, which can trip the AFK timer.

Simply put Blizzard doesn’t want to allow any opportunity to queue dodge a match. This is a dishonorable practice where a player may recognize a map or another player that they do not want to play with or against, and will attempt to leave the match without getting penalized. Without the safeguards in place, a high majority of more matches would be ended early. Furthermore penalties are applied for those who disconnect in an effort to stop those from trying to play competitive play if they have consistent technical issues. Chances are if you are complaining about this you’re probably having more than one disconnection per competitive season which means you probably should try to take the time to investigate why you’re disconnecting. Those who don’t take the time to investigate their disconnections or technical issues is just as guilty as someone who deliberately leaves the game. Granted, a disconnection, power outage, or a computer crash can happen to anyone at any time, but that is why the starting penalty is relatively small but will quickly ramp up if you continue to ignore it.

The game does allow a player to reconnect if the disconnection happened after the first minute of gameplay time, but they only have a 2-minute window to safely return without being penalized. After 2 minutes their allies may have the free option to leave the game without being suspended (It is still marked as a lost for them).

There’s nothing to be fixed. This is intended as a fully functional protocol by Blizzard. You can learn more about their policy about handling levers and those who have technical issues in this support article: