Leaving game when seeing defeat or victory

I laughed at the [20 characters] thing


Hmm that makes sense. Guess I’ll be sticking around for more POTGs.

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:rofl: Said it before, but I find the fact that even the Devs have this problem far funnier than I should.

Even a king answers to somebody, eh?

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Isn’t this reply just a way to encourage people to see Victory Poses, Potgs and making the ending cards voting escape from the state of non-existence?



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I don’t really see the importance of voting tbh.
I usually leave once the victory/defeat screen appears so I can get into the next match quicker or to avoid teammates if they were bad. The only time I stay is when I’m playing with friends or am curious in my SR change.


When will these 20 Characters be released?


[20 Characters] is actually a Hint at Hero 28!

and his name shall be Zygomaticotemporalis!!


For the record, I am playing QP for now and some some Arcade , haven’t tried much comp play, I feel I need to get better before venturing into that abyss.


There’s also the desire to get new teammates/enemies on non-competitive modes. At least that’s what I do.

Also, why don’t Arcade elimination modes automatically re-queue after the match is over? Feels kinda clunky having to manually go and queue again, specially if you forget it doesn’t happen automatically.


They really don’t - I am sure Jeff is trolling.
You can set the forum rules to allow any number of characters based on trust level.


Never knew this. I always assumed by waiting to the very end it could help dodge some of the toxic players who leave ASAP


Fun fact: you don’t actually get into a match faster when skipping the end of round flow (victory poses, POTG, cards, stats etc.). You don’t get entered into the matchmaking queue until your previous match resolves completely. Most people leave at “Victory/Defeat” because they think they are “speeding up” getting into the next match.

Fun fact Jeff : It’s a huge waste of time … potg is useless, vote is useless, stat screen take forever. Everybody leave this useless thing.

And you make the system so we can’t find new game right away ? And you are proud of it ? It’s fun ?


I feel like cards/stats takes a bit more time than it should. Is it possible for cards and stats to appear on the same screen and make the process faster? Into of separate moments.


Because I do not want to see the 300th Junkrat Tire or Genji blade in a row. :^[


People like myself assumed it’d put you in queue faster rather than just wasting time and potentially dump you in with different people.

If your team is toxic they’ll spew garbage as they have nothing to otherwise occupy themselves.

Many of the POTG’s get old after even fifty hours or so and you’ll frequently have a good idea of what the POTG is. I don’t need to see the Junkrat’s Riptire get three kills or Genji’s Dragonblade to do the same.

Voting can get old and many of the cards are either bad design in rewarding the wrong thing or aren’t impressive performances.


The other players are trying to get a new team. :eggplant::eyeglasses:

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They should make it so Cards give 100 extra XP + an additional 50 XP per vote outside of comp. In comp Cards should give +2 SR with xp bonus for votes.

Also disable self voting.


This is definitely a…

Booking the post into my archives and the Competitive F.A.Q. thread.


If this is a thing why don’t you guys make it more compelling to stay? Such as Team Stat tracking of that game. I mainly leave because there’s nothing interesting to look at after the POTG. I don’t see how looking at personal stats will ever help anyone get better if you can’t compare them to the other team. Voting tends to an echo chamber and a single vote doesn’t really convey appreciation, unlike a 5 or 10 vote would.