Leaving game when seeing defeat or victory

I see people leaving game just as the defeat or victory come up and they don’t get to vote. Is this something that is frowned upon ? why not wait the extra minute and vote on cards at the end or see the Potg?


Because that is wasting my time, unless I feel like seeing those. I want to get in the next game asap.

edit- Oh snap, I saw Jeff’s post! Haha. That’s good to know, and here I thought I was saving myself time


The same people who do this are the same people who think doing anything aside from winning is “wasting their time”, as if they’ve forgotten they’re playing a video game. Not only that it’s a very streamlined video game, too. But apparently they’re too good for post-game.

I don’t get it, personally.

EDIT: Blessed Jeff.


I only leave on defeat screen when the match wasn’t fun and/or it was a total stomp. Other than that I do stay for voting.


Games are for fun. There is no fun in losing, so yeah it’s a waste of time UNLESS the match was really balanced… When does that ever happen on OW lul ?


i don’t vote anyway, i either alt tab and wait for next match or stop playing if i’m done


never thought card voting was anything to be desired


Fun fact: you don’t actually get into a match faster when skipping the end of round flow (victory poses, POTG, cards, stats etc.). You don’t get entered into the matchmaking queue until your previous match resolves completely. Most people leave at “Victory/Defeat” because they think they are “speeding up” getting into the next match.

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If you can’t find fun in losing you honestly need to think about how seriously you’re taking this game.


Are there any penalities for leaving say when you see the “defeat” come up ? do you lose anything ?


Nope. [20 characters]


Honestly, I’ve only left early (before the vote screen) if I felt the game was really bad. And I don’t want to be queued for the next game with the same team mates if I believed they were not subjectively good enough.


I am truly honored to have a lead developer respond to my post. Great information , thanks so much.


Most of the losses on Overwatch are infuriating, so yeah there is no fun. I don’t mind losing if I know I had the possibility to win but it was a tight match. However pretty much all of my losses are due to either my team being idiotic or the enemy team having smurfs (or Diamond/Masters in QP). Why would I have fun like that ?

I don’t take the game seriously, if there is something I don’t like is people being tryhards. But when my experience is as bad as it is since 2 years, I can’t not say anything.


I leave if there are people on my team I don’t want to be around for longer than necessary.


Some players prefer finding other people instead of playing with the ones they were queued.


Even if I suffer what feels like a bitter loss, I try to stick around at least long enough to see the cards and give a thumbs-up to a worthy opponent. Feels like it’s the least I can do to be sportsmanlike.


Nah dude I never do this, gotta get that 300 consecutive match EXP bonus.


The xp bonus doesn’t really apply to Comp games though.

OP didn’t say if it was QP or comp tho