Leaver penalty after rejoin and making the win

okay so ive spent like last 3 hours making around 150 sr and that with the losses. Now my last game , at the end of first round i get a blue screen of death. So I get disconnected , I reset computer , log in fast as can , i get there at the last 2 minutes of round 2 . team trying to cap first point still ( which was the winning game object) So got there do my tank job and carry the game , win the game. all happy. go back to menu get 15 minute lock out from comp and also a good 100 SR penalty. i never seen a disconnect penalty at second round since i play this game. So my guess it a bug. You can watch my replay of that game B9V836 . hope it help because the grind of climbing it hell but this make it even more hellish

If you take more than two minutes to rejoin, you will be still penalized, so this is not a bug but a rule enforcement of Competitive Play.

At this point, what is more important to take care of is resolving any crashes. You described a Blue Screen of Death which suggests either a problem with your standard drivers, operating system, or the hardware itself. So make sure your drivers and Windows is fully up to date and see if that avoids any further crashes.

ok thanks it good to know