Least Fun Support?


Mercy is boring af. The other supports have a bit more to their kit that make them at least a bit more interesting.


I’ll fight you. Mercy is my favorite. Also, I think it’s Ana. She’s very limited in where she can be and what she can do. There’s very little room for creativity with her and, if you don’t find trying to click moving teammates to be a fun exercise on its own, there’s little opportunity for fun. She’s still very useful and I’m glad she exists, but I’m glad other people like to play her because I’m not going to.


Either Mercy or Brig, by far.


In my opinion its Lucio. You don’t aim with Lucio, you shoot and hope you snag a kill from a teammate. Lucio is still great though i guess


Ana and Zen for me, theres just no reward in playing them :frowning:


Brig and mercy. They have been boring for me since launch



Ana: Skillfully snipe targets, providing burst healing, as well as a flank guard and anti-heal at any given moment
Brig: BASH your way through the crowds, out healing enemy fire, sending armor to allies
Lucio: WALL RIDE your way around the map, taking out prime targets, enabling quick pushes, providing a safety net of heals against weak damage.
Mercy: HIDE behind cover, FLY through the map and sky, BRING back key targets at oppurtune times. KICK *** when an enemy underestimates the pistol.
Moira: SPRAY your team with HOT. Send orbs RACING towards allies, quickly healing them, or D E M O L I S H I N G the enemy.


Probably Mercy. I don’t get the Lucio hate I don’t play him often but I like the wallriding, the speedboosts and the way his projectile works.