Least Fun Support?


I’m loving playing Proper Mercy in Capture the Flag. And Battle Mercy is fun in non-Comp games (i would never do that in a Comp game, I’m not a jerk like that).

But, I agree that Proper Mercy in a “regular” match is super bland. I feel like a unappreciated, glorified, babysitter.


For me its Brig, since she got nerfed into uselessness.

Sometimes I find Mercy boring to play, but it comes and goes.

I haven’t even touched Zen since he doesn’t appeal to me as a character.


Ana, idk why but I never got used to her scope and shooting your team is not fun imo. Zen is the most fun for me


Mercy used to be the most fun and rewarding now she’s the worst :frowning: I can’t get much into lucio either never could. If you get into his wall riding stuff he’s fun but I can’t force myself to learn it.


Lucio. He would probably be a lot more fun for me if I could actually play him well aggressively, which seems to be the only fun way to play him imo.


So for me its Mercy, because she is basically a bot and I don’t like having that feeling when I’m playing a hero.

Next is probably Ana, even tho I do enjoy playing her, but its because I play on console and I don’t have the best aim (especially on Ana) so I generally don’t play her to the best as she should.

Same with Lucio, I enjoy playing him, but I’m on console (with basic button binds except on Tracer, I use L2 for ult on her) which just makes him clunky and I can’t wall ride super well without changing my controls and feeling weird.


least fun is zenyatta. Pretty boring play style and he shoots projectiles and can also be easily killed. He also needs to be baby sat by other supports.


Thank you. Picking a hero only for his passive aura is as uninteractive as it can get.


Mercy is the least fun.
No skill expression. Nothing unique to improve upon. Nothing interesting to do…
Hell, your job is to play the pacifist. And every game as her feels the same.
You just stay out of enemy los and hold m1 for 90% of a game. With the occasional Res and Valk.


It depends on whether or not I have pushed E or Q on Mercy recently.

If I haven’t… honestly I wouldn’t say any of them aren’t fun. The one that least gels with what I want out of a support is probably Zen. He feels too much like a DPS for my tastes.

If I have… then Mercy is definitely the most boring.


You have to head shot people for it to not be a noodle


I can see based on your description of how you play Mercy why you dont find her to be fun.

I wouldnt find her to be fun if I played her that way, either


There is no way i could have fun as Mercy.
Not without throwing.


I also don’t like how he has to fire in staggered bursts of 4 and how relatively slow his projectiles are. Basically I just dislike his gun all around.



You can barely tell the difference between a good and bad Mercy now that her healing has been nerfed to 50hp/s; which has made usage of damage boost less common in higher tiers. Her ultimate removes prioritization, makes it easier to position, and removes any sort of punishment for not landing shots with her pistol. It’s the most ez-mode ultimate I’ve ever used, and it feels disgusting.
Playing while not in Valk is alright sometimes.


Lucio’s fun when you frag and boop and do something.


I’ll admit, outside of his left click and passive auras, I think his kit can be fun to use.


for me its zenyatta i feel like i get nothing done when i play him and hes not mobile at all


You’re doing it wrong


Are you me lol 10char