Least Fun Support?


Who is the least fun support hero? For me it’s Mercy. She’s bland as bread.

Second is probably Brig after nerfs. Post what you think is your least fun support.



You just stand near teammates and make yourself hard to hit.


Mercy. Basically the TF2 Medic but with all the fun stripped away.


I would say Mercy but I prefer her over the ana gameplay because she is more consistent and I don’t like playing snipers anyway.


It’s been Brigitte since her release, although she’s a little more fun these days, now that there’s an occasional need to actually think about what you’re doing to survive.

While I definitely wouldn’t want to play her all the time, or even often, Mercy is surprisingly fun to play in shorter bursts. It does get annoying if the team just isn’t getting anywhere, though, because Mercy can’t really carry them.


Someone finally said it. I genuinely don’t understand people who keep saying Lucio is fun. If you wanna play Reddit Lucio, maybe. But then again you are leaving your team and not healing, so your other healer has to make up for it.


Lucio or Mercy.

Lucio is so boring I don’t get why people get such a big thrill off wallriding. And I don’t believe in Flank Lucio at that point just switch off of him. Maybe its just me.

And Mercy is just really boring to me. The most fun I have playing her is basically playing bullet tag and seeing how long I can survive.


I find Ana to be the least fun


She was fun once upon a time. Then people demanded a rework and Blizzard ruined her. Even prior to invul buff I found her to be more fun than she is now.


mercy by far, her only fun is getting kills as valkyrie & how fast she is w/ guardian angel (also superjump/bunny hop) however compared to other supports her lack of impact makes her the least fun (although damage boost valkyrie can change team fights)


I mean, that’s opinion. I think she’s more fun than she used to be. There’s the movement improvements, and I hated mass rez as an ult. If you have an good team that doesn’t die, you never get to ult! And I hated how it encouraged playing cowardly and hiding. Since I won’t do that I tended to miss the good rez opportunities because I was dead.


For me it’s brigetta. Not that I hate her character or anything, but on release I knew I wouldn’t enjoy playing her.

I’ve never been a fan of melee attack because I find it very boring.

Also she is a front line hero and I do not like being in a possition where I have to look 360 degrees to keep an eye on my allies. I prefer backline.


Brigitte for me I cant stand how boring she is for me she feels like a support reinhardt


i really don’t like moira, she just heals.


worst to best



I agree with you. Mercy and brig.


That’s pretty funny, because I’m not really a sniper guy either. But, Ana is amazing for that. She’s the best Sniper I have ever played in a game like this. And, because of that, she is one of my favorite supports.

Normally, I wouldn’t even have given her a chance, but I decided I wanted to at least familiarize myself with each hero. And, I’m glad I did, because Ana was a real pleasant surprise for me.


I’d say Brigitte.


Mercy, followed closely by Brigitte and Lucio. I will never touch Mercy or Brig again and I only play Lucio if I absolutely must. I know some people love Lucio but to me his gun feels like a wet noodle.


To be honest I think they’re all decently fun in their own way but I’d divide it between Mercy and Zen. Zen I feel a little bad saying since he takes names and doesn’t care but if your team doesn’t peel for you it feels really polarizing. Mercy is similar except the issue is that Mercy is only fun when the rest of your team is decently mobile, since otherwise you just latch on to the same few people (aka not overextended flankers/tanks) and don’t move much.