Least favourite skin event


What is your least favourite event skin-wise in general and why ?

As far as I’m concerned the Lunar New Year event is the one I like the least as most of them are too “fussy” and make the heroes look too heavy in their suits. There’s almost no skin I really like off of this event and that I’ve ever equipped (except for Pharah’s).

My favourite would be the Halloween or the Christmas event skins, even if some most skins were predictable.

P.S Is it me or this year’s Lunar event is coming really soon ? I didn’t have time to properply farm my coins and I’m already missing a lot of skins from last year.


Summer Games easily, the sports skins are boring as all hell to me. Worst event mode too.

I actually think Lunar New Year has some of the better skin designs (though, they’d be better off going with the spray skins instead) overall but granted, I love the culture and themes to begin with.

And yes, the event is indeed starting sooner than last year, it’s because the actual Lunar New Year is earlier this year.


Lunar New Year is the most inconsistent event in terms of start dates as its dependent on the real world Lunar New Year. That said, I personally think it has some of the best skins as they often have some cultural influences, like the Four Heavenly Beasts.

Summer Games are kinda poopy


Summer Games would be my first pick too, though it’s not completely irredeemable (I quite like Nihon Genji & Eidgenossin Mercy)

Christmas would probably be my second pick.


Summer games. Just never really digged the sports themed skins at all.


I wish all events and skins had the quality of the halloween-event.


Least favorite is either Anniversary or Lunar. Anniversary is such a hit-miss kind of skin group. Lunar event has some really cool and creative designs/inspirations, but are never the skins that I have year round.

The Archive event skins are by far my favorite ones (with only two of the skins being ones I don’t care about, since one was PJs and the other doesn’t have any lore significance). Halloween is a close second place.


Winter wonderland: boring events and most of the time I don’t find the skins really wow, they’re not bad, just not super cool.

It would be Summer games if not for those beach skins :beach_umbrella:. Anniversary is also close because it feels so random, it doesn’t really have a theme.

And yes, the time between the winter and new year is always pretty short, but now it seems to come even quicker.


New Lunar Year and Summer Games
BUT i really love Black Lily and Cote D’azur WidowMaker :thinking: