Learn from xdefiant

skill based, MMR matchaking is runing your game. xdefiant is prime example. MUTCH more fun


afaik xdefiant doesnt have sbmm for their “casual playlist” only. which i would suppose to be like unranked in overwatch.

Lol. OW with no MMR for match making in quick player would be horrific.

Eomm should be illegal.

Mmr would work if its legit.

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Kind of irrelevant here as engagement based match making isn’t used in ow, or any major title tbf.

so like, ranked is literally sbmm though. like there is no way around it. mmr is a different story but by having a rank, you are playing with people of the same rank and therefore engaging with matchmaking based on the players ability to gain rank (aka skill).
or at least, thats how it should work anyway.

wdym?, that is basically what we have right now lol, stomp, be stomped, nothing balanced, crapshoot every q.

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Maybe. But that has nothing to do with match making or MMR.

On the subject of learning, learn from your teacher how to spell ‘ruining’ and ‘much’.

Dude… Dude… the ex executive of Infinity ward for ten years who made multiple Call of duties says it was used and is being used in all major titles, I think he has more credentials than any of us here.

He quoted" okay so skill-based matchmaking also known as oftenly as sbmm basically where the game decides that you have a certain skill level uh after it kind of watches you play for for a few matches and then matches you up with people who are equivalent on your skill level.

Now uh in the olden days uh it was pretty light um and didn’t really intrude too much into the game it has become something that is more what they call actually engagement based matchmaking now uh where it sort of is like an AI That’s monitoring your behavior and going okay this person’s getting beaten too many times and we think they might quit so we’re going to make it the game easier for them ,and then you’ll get a game where win and then it’ll bring you back to the playing against the same people you were playing before and the and the thing with all that besides the whole sort of morality of it is that I think it creates a stale experience right like you keep playing against the same exact people not the same exact people specifically but the same exact type of player you lose out on all the fun variety that I think alot of the old school Shooters had."


Yeah we know SBMM is in nearly every game.

The other dude said EOMM, which is engagement based. Which doesn’t exist in ow or cod.

The rest of what that guy said, doesn’t happen in cod. Remember “ex executive” he’s trying to spin something to paint for employers in a bad light.

Same with ow, cods matching system has no access to your past wins and losses, so it’s impossible for it to make such a judgement. It just uses it’s MMR.

Now, is the MMR good… That’s a debate for another time.

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Dude read… and dont just try to instant rebuttal. He said engagement in qoutes…he said the new version of sbmm is Eomm which is based on maximizing profits through engagement…

It uses an Ai like program to create profiles for people to maximize playtime which in turns equals a more like-hood to spend more money… as Engagment=more desire to spend due to spending more time and creating a parasocial relationship with characters ingame…

Also if he is lying due to his experince… im sure he will be hit with defamation and sued… but i dont think anyone will touch that because… in truth he is not lying lol.

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He did. I know the quote, read the interview.

And then he fluffs it as they haven’t yet used any “AI” in such systems. As I said, eomm isn’t a thing in OW or CoD atm.

Will they do it one day? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, but I also wouldn’t put a big bet on it

There are plenty of posts on the CoD site detailing how their match making works. OW did similar but with much less detail, really only saying that it uses MMR, ping, group size and queue time.

So you know more then he does correct?

See the issue is yes we make random statement but wouldn’t you agree he is an authoritative figure? Everyone here at best can just say maybe its true maybe its not… but he is at the highest level, of understanding these topics… and you say … oh its just not true… which makes your case look really shady.

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Does Call of Duty consider player engagement (time played) as a factor in matchmaking?

We do not consider how often, or how much, you play when determining matchmaking.

Does the Call of Duty matchmaking process impact any in-game elements such as hit registration, player visibility, aim assist, damage, et cetera?

No. Our matchmaking process does not impact gameplay elements.

Does spending money on Call of Duty content (such as bundles, Battle Pass, or BlackCell) change how players are matched?

Money spent does not in any way, shape or form, factor into matchmaking.


Thanks. I couldn’t be bothered to spoon feed people lol

No. He’s an ex employee. I would be taking their word on board with the biggest pinch of salt.

The post above shows that he might not of been a reliable source.

And that “ai” based eomm is just waffle.

Understood, so Cod nor over-watch use anything like eomm/ and has a very light sbmm system for match making. Nothing else is being used and everything is just ping/packet loss causing most of the issues people attribute to rigging.

Sure sounds just like how oil companies said that users of products are the cause of greenhouse gasses and companies are blameless thus the onus of responsibility is on you the consumer. sounds like how google said clicks didnt matter untill it was leaked from yandex and google itself that the ranking algorithm does indeed use that as a metric for ranking. Or how facebook said it didnt collect data… untill it was uncovered that it did.

And lastly how OW2 was suppose to have a full priced pve mode that would be worth the title being called 2 thus tricking people into buying a prepurchase 40 dollar bundle for 2 skins…

Yet someone deep within the system whistle blows and says the opposite is true and we all believe the cooperation that stole 40dollars from false promises even if those same people who purchased it are having experiences that do not align with what is being said by Actiblizz???

Reality is a strange place!!


They use SBMM. As all good games should.


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So why isnt blizzard fixing all of the packet issues, it seems to only be getting worse and worse as time moves on?