League skins cross transfer

I feel like when you buy a league skin you should be able to have it on all your accounts, I’m from XBOX and I bought a league skin but it’s stuck on XBOX, I want it on pc. This should be a thing!


blizzard is greedy and wants money, chances are itll never happen


Unfortunately it is not at this time.

There are talks of having cross-progression/inventory but the development team have identified key business and technological hurdles to overcome first.

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(From the Summer Reddit AMA)

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Blizzard is not really the one to blame, from my own observation and opinion, its the console providers. Console providers resist offering cross-play and cross-progression, because they want you to remain invested on their platform. Now games like Fortnite and Minecraft are tearing down these barriers, but still it comes down to the negotiation of each developer with the console providers.


Then what explains the issue with smurfing? because its not beneficial to the playerbase? Even if there weren’t any issues with Cross-Progression I doubt they would ever let us do that.

Smurfing on consoles is another issue that the development team is carefully reviewing. The problem there again is the policies of those consoles. Console manufacturers emphasize the use of “family-sharing” of their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live subscription services. Consoles rely on making the platform friendly for families.

As far as the use of Alternate Accounts in general goes… Scott Mercer has the latest comment on that.

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I dont believe there is any profit made off of console smurfing, I more referring to PC smurfing, From personal experience when I transitioned from Console to PC, I was placed in low Gold despite winning all 5 matches (I was previously a masters console player but I had player other FPS on my PC so I had decent mechanics) from then on I played a lot of Zarya for quicker queues and I was rolling the enemy teams, I got verbally harassed told I was the issue to why the game wasnt fun anymore, and to “go back to my main account” which I cant exactly do… even when I had about an 80% winrate i was getting only 20 sr a game, which means I had to play around 50 games to get to where I belong. my point is its just as easy for someone to do this on purpose with actual malicous intent and to purposefully lose a few games while there at it. Personally I think they should make Winstreak SR a thing again and make at least Email Verification Necessary, I get its a tricky situation but this game has been out for 3 years and I still dont see an improvement in the issue.

Because then it would give you twice the OWL tokens. When you watch OWL you get tokens on both platforms. So then you basically can get a 4 times multiplier (if you have all platforms) on league tokens, which is about 20 tokens per hour. So you can get a skin every stream on all platforms. As much as I would love skins, I also want Blizzard to make money so they can keep this game running.

I’d rather it be shared tokens then multiplied

I would symphathize with Blizzard if they didn’t move at glacial speeds on everything.

They could go public, telling the player base that they would love more linked accounts to share cosmetics, but the console companies aren’t letting them.

They could lean harder, and more often, on these manufactures, pointing out the success of Fortnite and Minecraft.

Honestly, console users have been complaining, asking, begging for this since the launch of the game.

I know MS and Sony are being a pain with this. But obviously, if the might of Activision really wanted to get this done with those companies, it would be done tomorrow. I think Phil Spenser for Xbox and Nintendo would go for it. Sony may need more convincing.

I have very, very little faith in them. All of them.

I’m sorry if this post seems insensitive btw blizzard, I really don’t know much about what’s going on!