LC-208 error and no connection on Console or PC

I have been able to hit queue and play until maintenance yesterday, and now all of today on both PC and console I cannot connect to the game. Both say “disconnected from game server” without even getting into a game. There is no error code on PC but it’s the LC-208 error on console. I have tried all the recommended fixes and even uninstalling my game and reinstalling it. Nothing is working ever since they “fixed it” it broke for me. Lol


I was able to play since launch up until the Oct 7 maintenance. Now I can’t even login. Code LC-208 is now haunting me. I play on the Series S hopefully this doesn’t take too long to fix.

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Same here on a series s and LC 208 I’m getting really mad internet is fine did all the stuff it said too and nothing.please help blizzard

Same here. I was playing on Series X yesterday morning, no problem. I’ve been getting this error code all day. Downloaded the game on PC, ran into the same issue. I’ve made sure all of my account information is correct and synched properly. Restarted my console, PC, router, everything. Haven’t been able to play all day.

I’m having this same problem. I’m wondering if its due to something involving my account being merged between PC and console? Those seem to be the only people having this specific problem.

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This is the same with me. Was able to que and play during the week but after the fix, I get the LC 208 on PS5

I guarantee you they’re being forced to work the weekend. They can’t start working on a fix DAYS after. And the blizzard customer service Twitter is replying to a lot of people and saying they’re actively working on it and it’s top priority.

I’m having the same issue on PS

The LC-208 error Blizzard explanation says it’s OUR internet (See below). Which it’s not. One if their “solutions” says to disconnect and reconnect your console account from Of course, when you click that it says WARNING you cannot connect a new account for 365 days. Yeah, I’m not touching that.

Quothe Blizzard:

Overwatch Console Error LC-208

Updated: 8 hours ago

Article ID: 291353

Relevant Products:

Common Problems

Unable to connect to Overwatch on console
Disconnected from game servers. (LC-208)

If your console account is linked with your account, you need to have a BattleTag. If you have a BattleTag or your accounts are not linked, follow the connection steps below to resolve the error.

Note: If your account is connected to your console account, [disconnecting it and reconnecting] can resolve the error.

  1. [Check your network configuration] to find any issues with your firewall, router, or port settings.
  2. Reset your network devices to make sure your router hasn’t become flooded with data.
  3. If you’re using a wireless connection, [optimize your internet connection]to rule out a connection issue.
  4. Run your console’s built-in connection test ([Playstation 4] ([Xbox One]([Nintendo Switch].
  5. Use your console’s internet browser to run a [Looking Glass test]. This will help determine if the problem is between your console and our servers.