Latest Experimental: Your thoughts?

I’ll start with mine:

  • Mei: The extra rmb shots don’t make up for nearly halving her LMB, because she already has LMB nerfs in live.
    If they want to downplay the LMB CC and bring up her skill ceiling, then reduce the cool down on her wall and/or increase the speed of the projectile.

  • Ashe: So where does she fit in again? The only reason to pick Ashe is whenn needing to snipe, but nobody on the team is skilled enough with Widow.
    But here, Ashe is horrible, because her scope is the worst in the game. It’s the only “scope” where outline will actually throw off your aim. If this is her niche–a budget widow for the lower ranks–then she needs a QOL change before anything else. It’s easier to dink with McCree from the same distance, than it is with Ashe while scoped. What’s the point?

  • Pharah: She feels good. I know there was a thought to make her more “skillful”, but this is the buff I feel she needed in order to make peekaboo play styles work more consistently. It may be different in high ranks, but I think this was the right call.

  • Genji: Not quite there? I’ve been picking up Genji for the past few months (only to contest Widows in comp), but I don’t think I’m anywhere near good enough with Genji to assess whether this is a meaningful change. But all of his hard and soft counters still affect him, and I feel the skill ceiling to fend off his soft counters haven’t really changed.

Everyone is still complaining about Mei. I just don’t understand… She’s not that hard to deal with…

Counter pick with the off-tank and/or DPS (preferably both) and she literally brings no value…


I think Ashe’s bullets are the smallest in the game, hitting crits with Widow is a lot easier I find. Ashe and Widow can fulfill team win conditions all on their own. They just require a team to play around/enable them (which doesn’t ever happen)

Genji’s secondary fire feels so fluid now. His primary fire would have benefited from a similar buff. Which is what I believe is mostly holding him back


“Counter pick her” What rank do you play in where there’s counter picks to mei?

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What rank do you play in where a mei is too good to play around? She has pretty standardised set plays and if you speed boost in there is a very slim chance of being walled off. Her hitbox is on the bigger side so sleeps are an option. Mobility and/or range also works against her.
She is strong but not over powered. She is just unfun to play against.

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“Hitbox is on the bigger side” this is just straight fake news. There’s a video out there from a guy who found the hitboxes with the workshop and Mei actually has one of the smallest hitboxes, she’s just short, which can actually make her a harder target.

Ashe and pharah a bit overpowered. Mccree cant deal with pharah and ashe is shooting like as fast as bastion.

Maybe she just looks thicc but either way she has no mobity so worst case is she is just as easy as any other low mobity hero to hit. It doesn’t really take anything away from the point

I mean you kinda said it yourself; “she’s unfun to play against”. Toning down the up time for her freeze so it’s more like followup for wall plays or punishing people out of position instead of just “Rein press W so I can freeze them”

Bastion is unfun to play against. That doesn’t mean he is strong.
That was the point of my response.

Freeze does punish positioning, that’s why it’s so annoying at most ranks. Wall is where the value is higher up.

Most of the game is spent fighting your own team to get them to stop making things harder than they need to be.

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SERIOUSLY THOUGH ~_~ interesting

Same rank as you, but as a role that actually needs to deal with her. :slight_smile:

That role being what exactly?
Also, don’t judge a persons rank on a smurf…

What role besides dps is required to kill a mei? Did you pay for a boost or buy your account?

Ashe has some of same problems as Soldier.

Soldier doesn’t have too much dmg fall off so he can in theory defeat McCree at long range, but in those cases widow and hanzo are better. McCree does max damage at close or medium close range plus he has stun so that’s his area. Ashe also probably matches up better against McCree at long or medium long, but since soldiers usually can out 1v1 ashe’s you could just pick soldier for those scenarios except that hanzo\widow is a better pick than soldier for those scenarios anyways.

Is this a joke? I’m genuenly concerned about your Intelligence if not.