Latency issues!

The last couple of nights my latency in game has been jumping from 30’s up to 60 and back down every 5 seconds causing players just randomly skip a step every 5 seconds making it really difficult to play. I’v tried just about everything on the Connection Troubles help page and still nothing. Please Help…


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same here i had 40ms and now i have 150 of ping… hard to play with that ping.

I also used to have 40ms now I’m having 150ms

It also only happens on Overwatch, my latency on Black Ops 4 is the same as normal

Can you add the network test data they ask you to get and include in your post here? Common Connection and Latency Issues

Slight hi-jacking here, but my issue was never resolved from last week. Now I’m lucky to even get connected to the game servers at all. Other games work just fine.

Can’t help unless you all post network test data.

I did post all my network test data in my thread…Losing Connection to Game Server Constantly - #5 by Domqe-1339

Just noticed this thread. Same issue as OP. Just not as bad… ORD1
It did jump in latency in the past during team fights. But more so than ever now.

If anyone in this thread is also connecting to Canada, please join this conversation/thread: Canadians are getting a huge spike in Latency - #11 by Nicole-1893

Nope… Just seeing if anyone else has been having this issue