Last Night, Chengdu and Atlanta embodied Overwatch


Yesterday’s Horizon match between Chengdu and Atlanta showed us what Overwatch is really about.

It’s not some game where farm animals run into each other repeatedly.

It’s a game where a French Woman and a Monkey can duel in the vacuum of space while a horse and a dwarf bully a buff man with a hammer.

THAT is true Overwatch!


It seems like I missed out on something here…


It was glorious. If you watch nothing else from OWL, watch that one map.

Even Genji got some love.


is that how low it got? people to be excited about hero picks?


What’s wrong? Can’t handle it when someone likes to watch a match of OWL?


Yeah, even as an Atlanta fan, that was one hell of a match. Sad that my bois in red are gonna struggle even more to get to playoffs tho


meh, ignore her/him. he/she obviously hates pro overwatch.


Yeah, the Rialto match really embodied the garbage that is Overwatch right now

Chengdu played DPS comps and managed to push the cart through 2 points really quickly. And then they couldn’t make any more progress because Atlanta just played cart and outhealed all the damage using map as cover. Of course, Atlanta just played GOATS on their attack round and capped the map despite being completely humiliated during their defense round.

That’s what Overwatch is right now. A garbage game that doesn’t reward skill.


we’re finally on the verge of goats being countered and nerfed into only partial viability, and we still have people who sound this bitter.

i’m gonna stick my neck out here and say - you already have one foot out the door. Even if they made goats unusable you’d have something to complain about


nope, absolutely not on verge of that

here, if you don’t trust me, check for yourself

Then check how much times teams that play DPS characters win and how often they lose when played vs goats

it’s blatantly clear that playing dps is mostly throwing


Chengdu Hunters have shown us proof that we don’t need, and should not strive for forced 2-2-2.


…there is a reason why my post on that thread has more likes then your oo


Yes, because the forum is oversaturated with mid-low rank support and tank players


That map was garbage. Atlanta legit looked like a bunch of headless bronzies running around. They had like one coherent push throughout their entire attack run.

I honestly feel robbed, those comps were so promising but nooooooo they had to play badly.


‘Twas indeed a fun match…

Jingmu on Pharah was a monster…that’s right…pharah


i’m referring to the patch that is dropping 2 days from now.

have you forgotten how the original triple tank meta felt more than a year ago? people said it wouldn’t end. Same with dive, and same with beyblade. Apologies, i think you’re being shortsighted.


What kind of fanfiction is this?
And where can I see the clips for them???


If you could trust the plebs of this game to actually put valid comps together, I would agree with you. However, we cannot. OWL is the Overwatch I want to play, but instead I get 1-1-4, and one of the 4 is a Sym.