🔷 Symmetra 3.0 is she really OP?


As you can see, Symmetra 0.3 can deal 60/120/180 dmg/s. There are some people who say It’s too much. But I think It’s fine considering she is now a short-range- dps heroe with no mobility to disengage fight but her TP that takes some time to set and to use.

Symmetra needs to stay within 10m and keep dealing dmg for 4s to charge her beam. And her beam loses its charge in a short time after she stops dealing dmg. In this situation, she puts herself in the middle of the fight with no way to protect herself but her 200hp.

Let’s compare this to other heroes, starting with Zarya. She can charge her 16m beam to does 190 smg/s she has double Symmetra;s health and she has her bubble to protect herself and even more she can keep her charged beam for much longer.Now, let’s compare it to Tracer, who has low health but a great mobility and 240 dmg/s. She can div the enemy team does dmg and go out without any problem. How about Solder 76: Has a range + dmg ability + he can heal himself.

Have you get my point? You can’t just look at the dmg, you need to check the mobility, range, health and the dmg ability that they have. Symmetra needs this dmg to be effective as a dps hero. and TBH I think she could use a 15m beam instead of 10.

My feedback:


  • The charge doesn’t stay for a long time.
  • We need to see the number of the charge (like Zarya)
  • If you gonna nerf her dmg, can we have more range?


  • It would be great if the TP stayed online until it gets destroyed or until you place another one
  • Spacebar would be much better than R to use the TP


  • Range should be 20m
  • The slow effect is not good enough (I think it’s a bug like the dmg bug)
  • 10s is too much for a CD

Add to this, If you are going to remove her ability to charge her beam by attacking shields, can you make her recovers her HP-Shield by doing so? Or make her able to gain additional shield to her HP like doom does?

that would help her as a close range hero

What do you think? Is she OP? and why do you think that? please share it with us.

PS: please don’t talk about the bug.


I don’t think she’s OP, especially considering that she’s now in the Defense (Damage?) category. And though she has shields, she is still reasonably squishy. At the most, she’s potentially overtuned. But it’s certainly nothing a few tiny fixes won’t resolve.

Offtopic: I don’t know if this is intended, and I haven’t seen this mentioned before, but I have noticed that a lot of the new sym players are “spam clicking” their primary fire beam instead of holding it on the enemy. Does that improve the damage output? Because I found myself getting killed a lot faster when getting zapped in that way.

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Yes. That’s the bug.


She is fine for now. Her theoretical max damage seems high but you are talking 100% accuracy which isn’t a thing anymore


I think they mat need to change the shield mechanic. It can destroy Rein’s and Winston’s shields. Which Rein’s shield can already get destroyed right now. They need to make it just consume ammo on shield. Or make it not ramp up. Because you can charge on a shield and melt a squishy. Or you could make the build up really strict. Like whenever you switch targets at all the beam resets.

I’m sorry but anyone saying such rubbish can’t be taken seriously. Getting high charge with Zarya is not only hard but takes a long time and it ticks down really quick. You’ll rarely be at 80+ energy as Zarya if the enemy team have a working brain. It’s million times easier to ramp up with Symmetra and keep it up until you don’t need it.


The old beam was changed to not ramp up on barriers. Did they change it back?

I thought the old beam did charge on barriers.

One day on PTR and people already want her damage nerfed? I can see this going south

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Well they removed the lock on specifically because they increased the dmg. If they lower it, then they better extend her range on it.


I honestly don’t think she is Op now that she can’t kill around corners. but Now I think she is the answer to the Zarya, Hanzo situation. The Gravaton + Dragon strike can now be avoided by just putting down a teloporter and getting your team out of dodge.

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A good symmetra will use her teleport to put herself into the middle a fight and then use it again to withdraw back to safety. This is the mechanism she has been given for being a short range attack character. Thats her mobility as you phrase it, its just not easy to pull off and will take practice.


It really depends on how easy it is to rest the damage. If it resets the instant she is off target and she doesn’t have a massive aim hit box that might be ok.

If she can easily charge it to max on a shield then hold max charge on the whole team that is going to be rough.

I havn’t really bothered to play the “new” Sym outside of in the training room, i feel she will be played a lot though from what I’ve seen and “theorised” with what she can potentially do to be massively viable when being chosen on attack especially, outside of that though, take a little look of this, it’s entertaining to say the least:

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_FP-DiND5A

She can be countered (pharah) but I don’t understand why pharah needs to be the counter to the everything “op” (Brigitte, sym etc)

If the zarya has a “working brain” she knows how to charge herself up.

You can charge the old beam using shields. It’s an important part of symm

She must be fast tho to do this.

That’s right. But this has a disadvantage too. The enemy knows where she is coming from + the can get the TP.

Her new hitbox is very small, she needs to put the mouse right on the target to do dmg.
There are two cases for symm to charge her beam using a shield:

1- She divs the enemy team to get to Orisa’s or Rein’s shield and stand between them until she charges her beam up. (In this case, the can shot her before she finishes)

2- She can charge her beam using Winston’s shield while he tries to attack her. (This is Winston’s fault)

In this video, the player is using the bug + having a pocket mercy + being nanoed.

Pharah has the range. Symm can be countered by any long range hero

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But why does range need to counter everything? They use actual unskilled kit to easy counter other heroes (Brigitte, can’t really say for sym atm) but when it comes to countering them we need to use range and actual skill, nice.

The topic is about Symmetra 0.3 not brig. You can still fight symm 1v1

Sym is op. And it’s only a matter of time until this forum is filled with threads with this direction. Her gun charges to 180DPS by just focusing shields. That’s broken as hell. Go on PTR and play against some higher ranked players and you’ll see how Sym melts 200 HP heroes by just looking at them and shaking the mouse. Or melting full HP tanks in less than 1 second (probably the bug, but still crazy).

I’m not gonna discuss for now, because I know the time will come when everyone’s gonna rage over this.


Doesn’t matter if the enemy isn’t shooting shields. Even in the most optimal situation you still need 3 cooldowns to get to 100 energy and in normal situations you need more. Symmetra goes full charge in 4 seconds and can get there whenever she wants to. If there’s shields then she’ll have full charge right from the start. They aren’t even comparable.