Lagging while streaming

I’ve been streaming OW and i’ve never experienced lagged like i have been. Even while not streaming i’ve been lagging and i did look into the forums but i still can’t seem to stop any of the lag. I do have a razer keyboard and i did end the whole process on razer so that it was never running. My drivers are up to date and i can’t seem to stop the lag while on stream. Idk if anyone could help here but its worth a shot. I’ve been contemplating to stop streaming overall cause of it. Someone said it could be my internet but it’s not that bad and i’ve been able to run Overwatch on High/Ultra with 140+ fps but now it goes from 140 to 30 for every couple mins while in game and its annoying. I even checked my stream settings but idk what to do… At this point i need any help because this is really frustrating…

Since I don’t know if your lag is connection or hardware based, let’s look at both of these tests, please:

WinMTR instructions (click to expand/collapse)

Follow the support documentation for WinMTR. If you’re unable to get into a game for the IP address, then use an IP from the table provided on that page that matches your region. Run the test until you encounter the issue again, or for at least 10 minutes.

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DxDiag instructions (click to expand/collapse)
  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. Type DxDiag and press Enter.
  3. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file “dxdiag” and click Save.

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pastebin .com/azrAMCfY … That is the DxDiag i’m going to run the WinMTR right now

Device Name: Razer Ornata Chroma
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