Lag spike in NA

Hello Blizzard,

I am currently experiencing random lag spike. My latency would random go from 20-30 ms to 200 ms. This would cause my character to make uncontrollable movement. After getting killed from these uncontrollable forward shaking movements, my replay would show me moving towards the enemy like an idiot. This is very disruptive in competitive game play, hopefully you guys can fix this issue.

I had recently updated my Nvidia drivers the latest version, then reverted back.
I also had try uninstalling the last Microsoft windows updates just for testing.
Reinstall Overwatch. Uninstall more apps and games, just for the kicks and giggles.
No I do not play using a VPN or any latency reducing applications.

There is really something going on and it seems you guys have been just dismissing it. Since perhaps not enough ppl are reporting it.

I also play on NA servers and do not experience ping into the 200ms range. With any connection issue, make sure to include your WinMTR so people can assist you.

Pastebin com/E6pTjY7E … since I cant even paste link…
Making it difficult for us to post our result… so you can fade a post to oblivion.

Obviously there is a serious lag spike… happening and Overwatch has not address this issue but blame it on drivers and corrupted install.

Did the issue occur when this test was run? It doesn’t look like anything serious is happening there. You could open a ticket for the staff to take a closer look.

It was easy to understand the link the way it was posted.

Keep in mind that the forums don’t work as a ticket system. While the staff (I’m not a Blizz employee) read many threads, they can’t read all of them. The ticket system will nearly guarantee a response from the staff if that’s what you’re after.