Lag, lag, lag and more lag

I have been experienced a lot of PING spikes. I do not know what is going on with the overwatch servers, since 2 weeks, my game its been really bad talking about connection. My internet is good, I have always been playing with the same connection and I have had no problem. I really dont know what going with the overwatch servers these days…

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Nothing is happening with the servers, so I’d probably take a moment to investigate your connection issue with the sticky thread the staff wrote:

I’ve been getting crazy lag right after every single update to the game for the past year. I have done everything mentioned in the troubleshooting info. It doesn’t happen with any other online game I play. It’s constant and it makes playing the game as hit scan heroes nearly impossible. One second I’m in the middle of a fight and everything stops moving and then it goes into fast forward and everyone is no where near where it showed them a second ago.

Please don’t bump a year old thread. Always start your own thread to make troubleshooting easier to follow. You’ll also want to include your WinMTR in the thread.