Lacking new Content?

I just wanted to know why is it so quiet? Sure we got Hammond and the Recycle Games but that’s about it ._.
Please give us at least an answer what’s going on. Are they preparing something big, like the new Social Feature (which still isn’t there) but they mentioned nothing besides that, right?


There’s a new map coming out soon too

And BlizzCon is on the horizon

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according to that video they released like 2 months ago there is supposedly a new social feature being introduced end of summer. so in the next 2 weeks?

Maps are always nice but what about game modes/ Lore? They did nothing new for The Summer Games expect items

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We already knew about that D.VA stuff since months tho, they didn’t expand it really.

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That’s a damn shame because CTF has started to grow on me. They could just turn down the rate at which it gets picked. That would free up a slot in the arcade tab while fluffing up the quickplay/competitive

Content HAS been slow. Thats no debate, but we have an event around the corner (Blizzcon) the dates for the halloween nd christmas event (just have 1 month before the halloween event)
We have the new busan map, the nano cola event (skin, sprays) and the D.Va cinematic.
I wish there was more comics though, theyre relatively low cost and not too hard to make so I dont really know why were not getting any. Other than that OW has been pretty saturated recently


Please, We didnt know about the meka squad and dvas personality when shes not in the spotlight yelling GG EZ MODE at the top of her lungs, they revealed more details about her true personality being very down to earth and with a strong sense of obligation, triying not to depend too much on people and also we learnt more about the enemies shes fighting and how their prepare; maintain and deploy their mechas into battle

I was wondering if it was just maybe my perception that content has been slow to come out. I felt like last year we got a fair amount of cinematics and comics and what not. I do feel like they’ve kind of scaled back a lot. I just wish they would let us know why things have been this way. Like if it’s because there are a lot of cool things coming up I’d rather know instead of sitting here wondering. Just me tho.

They’re going to show the new hero and a map that comes out in January. That’s it.