Knockback Observations as requested by Jeff


no bdoubt the boops are important for alot of heros. the amount of times you try and harrass as hammond and you really had know clue were they were gonna land. know you know what you can and cant do. feels awsome. my only complaint is dva used to not get slowed by freeze when boosting and now she does bummer.


I think you mean corners. But yes.


Corners are apparently intended to not cause double dmg. A slider is when it happens on a non corner. Happens every single match if you’re paying attention


I mean the outward-sticking corners on stuff, not the inwards ones.


Man, you guys are on fire


You can hit an enemy onto a flat wall and it not count. It’s a bug


If you guys fix this on this patch, the Doomfist community will <3 you forever


So, what happens if a hero experiences successive knockbacks in the same direction? Does the second knockback essentially cancel the first?


That’s a great change.


Are they working on changes considering a new future flying hero, maybe?

Echo? She does the floaty.


Was this put in yesterday’s ptr update, or not yet?


I didn’t try it out, but it seems like great changes overall


Is it too much to ask for main tanks to not be knocked up in the air 10-15m?


Does anyone know how these changes impact self-knockback movement techniques like rocket-jumping? IIUC, it seems like this should mean you get less vertical velocity from rocket-jumping.

(Derek Mulder) #42

Self-knockbacks specifically have not been changed, so they should all work as they used to.


Has anything changed regards to Knockback vs Knockback?

For example. D.Va dominates most knockbacks it seems. Like if Hammond is at top speed, still wins without being pushed back at all. If Lucio boops Hammond while Hammond is full speed, Hammond loses full momentum. I assume this is intended though unlike D.VA.

Overall, it seems like Hammond loses almost all Booping vs Booping battles.


It’s sad and probably frustrating, but it seems kinda “fair”, as Hammond can move through very wide areas while knocking back enemies. It’s also a good way to prevent him from spinning forever on the point for stalling


I think the reason that DVa “wins” the knockback is because the Hammond boop doesn’t cancel her boosters, so she’s still under active thrust and can counteract the knockback significantly. Hammond’s fireball movement is momentum-based though, so there’s nothing to keep pushing him forward when he receives an impulse in the other direction.

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Does this effect Junkrat’s mine boop? Sick of launching people off a cliff, and they land more inland then they started.(think his mine should have a small stun or disorient)


Junks boop puts people into a 45* angle. The knock backs that don’t produce vertical displacement are the ones that are good for environmental kills. This is why lucio boop, rocket punch, brig flail, and conc blast work well for environmental kills, while junk mine and rising uppercut do not.

For what it’s worth, you’d have to sacrifice the vertical mobility mine gives you if you wanted more reliable environmental kills.