Knockback Observations as requested by Jeff


I had no idea how broken the momentum felt until I played it yesterday on the PTR. I don’t want to go back to Live.

I’m afraid this might result in increased complaints about environmental kills at first, but in time I believe greater consistency will make it easier for players to anticipate the effects of each individual bump. It’ll be great when Rein’s hammer and D.Va’s booster don’t randomly send you either 10m or 2m down the hall - depending on whether you happened to be strafing left or right at the moment of the hit.

Best change. Great work.


Could you fill me in on this? I don’t think I’ve heard about this change.

they removed a “boop victims” movement from being a factor into how far it goes. Beforehand, a boop’s distance would be decided based on how the victim was moving, moving towards you would lessen it, while away from you would greaten it.

Now that the factor is removed its basically just about how far away the target is from a cliff, and where you look during the boop. It makes it incredibly easier to boop now by removing any extra factors and also making it easier to boop after being spotted by an enemy.


Lucio Boops feel amazing, it feels better than Doomfist’s Uppercut for lining up shots now.


It feels amazing because it’s not nearly as RNG as it once was. People go more or less where you expect that they should. It’s wonderful.

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How does Pharah self knockback feels?

And wholehog?

I cant give a detailed impression since I dont play those heroes and didn’t play against them yet. I hope someone else can answer your question.

Hi everyone!

I’d like to clarify a few points and give some more details on exactly what the new knockback behavior changes.

Previously, knockbacks generally worked as a simple impulse. This is what caused characters to fly away faster if they were moving away, or much less far at the time of the knockback if they were moving towards the knockback. In the new system, the movement pre-knockback doesn’t matter, but only in the direction of the knockback. Any movement that is not either into or away from the knockback is not affected.

What didn’t change is the ability to fight back against the knockback. Once knocked back, you still have the ability to accelerate back towards where you came from.

Rough knockback distance equivalents:

PTR: Moving into or away from knockback, or stationary

Live: Stationary

PTR: Moving into or away from knockback, or stationary, immediately accelerate into the knockback when hit

Live: Stationary, immediately accelerate into the knockback when hit

Additionally, D.Va using Boosters and Mercy in Valkyrie are currently the only “flying” modes we have, nothing has changed with regards to how Pharah or jumping heroes behave in the air.


So now Mercy gets knockbacked when trying to Ressurect in Valkyrie. Is the removal of the movement penalty a buff to compensate for this?


For anybody who has seen the interaction, is the boop a set modifier or is the boop compounding with momentum to do things like launch a Wrecking Ball at top speed across the map?

I am beyond happy. Since the Global Movement Update (a year and a half ago?), Lucio’s knockback has felt awful. Lucio using SW to secure an enviromental is terrific and fun and difficult (more difficult than people seem to think, I think), but that’s like the least common use for his ability. So I am so glad that after asking for this for so long and trying to explain how Lucio’s knockback suffered a fairly strong incidental, unintentional nerf, he is finally getting back that versatility in SW. It feels amazing. The game on the PTR feels so refreshing in general.


No. Now it’s like - a boop sends you the same base distance every time. They’re more averaged. More consistent.

It used to be like booping Hammond could send him 20m or it could send him 1m. Now it sends him like 5-ish meters every time, but the target can still affect where he lands. Moving against it or moving with it might change the final landing spot by a few meters in either direction.

So the average boop might be 5m with a range between 3m and 7m. Just making stuff up unfortunately but that’s ballpark close I think.


Ok, so it’s effectively normalized, good to know.

Glad you clarified this!

How does this change affect Doomfist, specifically his Seismic Slam? When his enemies were given air control during the “pop up”, it became incredibly frustrating that they could strafe away from Doomfist and basically not get pulled at all.


That’s really cool to hear those information from you, thank you for your time. It’s pretty clear now

Do speed boosts still increase the knockbacks that affect you ? I imagine not, because it was probably just part of the initial movement away from the knockback

There’s currently an issue causing Seismic Slam to not pull people in quite like they’re supposed to. A fix for it is in the works.


It feels better on ptr than on live tho I will say that.


Lucio Ball in comp, yes pls

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Please retain the no slowdown rez in valk. even though it’s a side effect from the new knockback system, it’s already raise the fluidness in mercy movement during valk. it’s all that i ask.

With the new knockback system she could be booped out of range, so it still have counterplay.

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I love you so much Mr Mulder

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