KNIAF, kniof, Knive, niof, GRACIE!

Are they gonna tone down the frequency of these voicelines?




For me the problem was the entirety of Mercy. Why was she screaming the entire time? What happened to when she was more relaxed and a little sarcastic? Now she’s just obnoxiously loud and optimistic.


Oh Mercy, what have they done to you?


Why are you reminding me of this pain

Trying to make her hip with the kids? lol

Those lines actually sound fine, good even. It’s the ability voice lines and callouts that are the issue.

As much as I hate the idea of agreeing with a GreyFalcon post, yes plz blizz do something about the knife voice lines :rofl:

Nothing personal GreyFalcon, I just never agree with your ideas for the game, and you post a lot of them. Your definitely passionate which is commendable.

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Flanderisation mostly.

Either that or those years hit her like a truck knowing her clock is ticking.

No worries, I generally don’t take it personally.

If my ideas can’t stand up by themselves, then they probably aren’t that good.

But I will say, I’m probably not that popular with people who think they should deliberately not fix queue times, to avoid catering up whatever minority group of players they care about.

Like it’s gotta be a damn good reason to intentionally lose or not-gain hundreds of thousands of players due to bad queue times.

And I’ve yet to see any sort of specific alternative problem we gotta worry about that could do even bigger damage than that.

Other than that, is usually just “Devs are gonna do what they wanna do, I’m just figuring out how they could do it in a less harmful/problematic way”.

That’s like +90% of the sorts of posts I make.

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