Kiriko teleport bugs

Kiriko has multiple bugs in her tp ability.

  • Starting with his tp to other players at a higher or lower height, when she tp at another player at a higher height kiriko tends to teleport much higher and the same thing happens to lower players, even going through the map and dying.

  • Her tp ability was blocked doing the animation, but without the tp action to players who are using some of his special abilities or who are crouching, blocking the progress as a character and saving some players.

  • In addition to these, in the last update new bugs appeared that worsen the operation of this ability. When respawning and attempting to tp from the spawn zone to a player at long range she tps, however to her same location even a few steps back, trapping her in the spawn. The same happens in maps that have a payload, when kiriko is near the range of the payload and tries to use her tp, it sends it to the same location and not to the selected player’s, preventing saving multiple players or even the run away from herself, since this bug does consume the ability and activates its cooldown.


There are also some cases where she will teleport behind herself instead of to her target such as

  • Standing on a payload
  • Standing on KotH spawn ramp

It has gotten a lot worse, and I have been noticing the TP bugs much more frequently with the most recent patch.


Yeah on KotH maps I like to speed boost with Lucio out of spawn before swapping to Kiriko and swift stepping out. Now when I do this I keep getting swift step bugged and it goes on cooldown and I go nowhere. It’s awful.