Kiriko Sukajan skin still locked in game after claiming

been over a week now and I still haven’t gotten mine but i’ve gotten the voice line.

5 days since I claimed the drop… still no skin :frowning:

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Same here, I got the voiceline but not the skin - and I claimed it daaaays ago. Has OW acknowledged this as an issue yet?

Mine finally came in not sure what changed!

Good to know. I am still waiting, but maybe it will come in too at some point? Dunno. Will see :slight_smile:

If not, worst case scenario, I might just open a ticket for support. I mean I still got everything orderly in my Twitch inventory, so it should be a non-issue I guess?

I have previously created a ticket to support about it, they say they can’t do anything about it.
“Thank you so much for contacting us with the details of your issue. Your information been passed on to the Overwatch team. While Customer Support is unable to directly assist with these matters, please know the Overwatch Team has continued working on solving reported problems. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe for issues being resolved but progress is being made daily. The best place to get updates and news on these issues is here: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

Still no skin… I got the voiceline instantly, but a now waiting for the skin for over 3 days

Got the same song and dance. This is the last day to get it too. They better fix this issue.

LETS HEAR IT FOR DAY 9 OF NO DROP WOOO. got my voice line still no skin POG CHAMP


I have the voice line but the skin is locked for me many days later. Support didn’t help me at all. Only told me to kick rocks.

Same here, 5 days ago and nothing yet…

I’m on day 9 of no drop still too. I made a ticket, but no response yet…

they will see us eventually guys maybe we should make a hashtag on the bird app or something

for me it’s already 8 days since i click claim :smiling_face_with_tear: still locked

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Hey guys. little update. So i claimed the new kiriko knife spray from the new twitch drop set. GOT IT IN SECONDS. literally claimed. opened ow. and its there. STILL NO SKINN. what is this

yeah , same here. claimed the spray and got it instantly in game. still no skin after 9 days
EDIT: after 10 days the skin finally unlocked for me .

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Yup same for me its been over 7 days. Got the voice line and no skin. My friend on the other hand got it right away:/ i have claimed both a week ago. Reconnected my accounts on both twitch and This is really disappointing.

I GOT MY DONUT CHARM LETS GOOOOOOO… o and still no skin… yaaa this is doomed D:.

Well, I did end up getting mine in-game today - so about 10 days total. I hope everyone else does as well.

At least on my end, can confirm I finally got the skin after 11 days, drops have never been this bad for me before lmao, I’m dreading this next set ;-;