Kiriko is locked for me.. again

after i was finally able to merge my psn with my battle net acc i loaded up the game and she’s now locked for me, despite the battle pass showing me that i already own her…

is anyone else experiencing this?? :roll_eyes:

It is a known issues, who should be fixed in the next days.

Meanwhile, you can open a ticket with Blizzard and read this


she is locked if your doing comp

i know but i mean she’s locked for me regardless like i cant play her at all

Logging out and logging back in usually fixes that, but then you gotta deal with queues, so risky move.

that’s what i just did. loool it’s the same

Its some issues they are working on. Its pretty unacceptable that is happening after the DDOS attacks stopped.

its unfortunate you have no option for region on console