"Kiriko is Dps-Friendly"

Why are people not comprehending this :laughing: I’m literally a support main, who plays support EXCLUDING anything else, and I myself can’t wait for her release.

Kiriko is a battle-healer, yet some are incorrectly focusing in on the first word like she isn’t primarily “healer enough.” By that logic soldier 76 isn’t DPS-only enough, and Mei isn’t Non-barrier enough for her non-tanking role.

It seems like these dissonance suffering people EMBRACE hybrid role satisfaction when it comes to dps, but admonish it in the Tank/Support role, yet wonder why their queue times are long. :fox_face:


the last person I want on my team is a dps playing support because the support is DPS-y


Heroes like Moira have kind of already proven this doesn’t really work.


It is like Echo. A good hero, but not the one which you needed now.

They should have lead with their Mercy like, and then put in Kiriko in Season 4.

We have a lot of DPS like supports, what we are lacking is pure supports.

I don’t think putting more flanking pressure on your existing ones is a good plan at all.


I think it depends on how it’s used in practice. In concept, it’s 100% fine. If the Tank and DPS never get healed in combat because the support is more focused on DPS all the time, then no.

I understand that their role is to do both. I wouldn’t want a Zen only using Harmony orb and not M1.

A dps playing support is quite literally classified differently than a battle-healer. :rofl: Just because dps might enjoyyy her doesn’t mean there isn’t already a camp within the support role of players who are EXPERIENCED battle-(Medics)


Zen players look away and smile


Exactly this, thank you. Hybrid role autonomy isn’t a factor within dps-only.


there are other hybrid DPS-support heroes, Zen, Bapt, Lucio, and to a degree Brig and Ana are all DPS-esque supports.


Brig is 100% an Tank/Support hybrid no question. Her whole kit is built around space denial.


Kiriko is absolutely the one we need now. Support agency and maintaining LoS are gamebreakingly problematic and Kiriko addresses both. It will absolutely make life hell for the other support, but 2 supports hating the game in every match is marginally better than 4 supports hating the game in every match.

She doesn’t have the most ideal kit, and I’d rather see the invuln/cleanse traded for a dual purpose offensive/heal util, but I’m willing to bet that Kiriko is the sole reason that devs aren’t making the game more playable for supports. Won’t be enough but it would explain a lot.


I think Kiriko will be a great Utility Support. I already plan to play her more supporty.

I think it’s great that Blizzard will release Kiriko now! Blizzard can release pure-Supports later.

“B-But if SupPort HaS hYbRid poTentIal, shE will CeAse to bE a SuPpOrt roLe PLaYed hEro”

(Hacks a health pack as sombra to heal her injured allies faster…)

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I think they’re nervous about queue times at launch so they want to do something to put those fears away. And a dps support is probably the best way to do that.


I agree with this also. Some DPS players transferring to Support would help balance the queues. A great decision by Blizzard.

Kiriko is not even the most “DPS-friendly” hero. She has only 1 offensive tool, which is her secondary fire.

DPS players have a better time playing Zen if they want to focus on fragging and dealing damage.

Kiriko will also be unplayable as a DPS until Diamond, because her real offensive value comes from the headshots, which is hard for most people, especially with a projectile weapon.


They want sup players to pay for that Mercy-like hero instead of getting it for free.

Cunning, they are.

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I really don’t think it is. I think they will get some new support players, and they won’t stay around, and you will lose a bunch of your existing support players.

And what you won’t get is enough DPS taking up support to cover for it.

Bite them on their booty it will.


I don’t think support players will leave because of someone who can dps more. Bap for example has some pretty good dps potential but I wouldn’t say support players hate him. He’s a fun hero to play for anyone and I think Kiriko will be the same.

I’m still not sold. Putting heroes in a battlepass, selling the solution to the problems they create. PHOMO manipulation, and sunk cost fallacy. It’s all a bit much. I might just set ow down. The forums are still fun, but the future just seems sad.

I just read unsouled book 1 in the cradle series, it was cliche’d by anime standards, but for a novel it’s quite good for pacing. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a short commitment.