Kiriko golden weapon issue! We need to be heard!

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The golden weapons from kiriko don’t work.

Let me explain, I can see them, but others can’t.

They aren’t visible in highlights nor on the end screen of the game. I can see them in character menu and I can see them when in game, BUT ONLY I can see them. This is not how it should work right?

There are so many posts made on the bug forum. But it seems you didn’t saw it or just don’t want to see it. Please fix this, and there are bugs with the mythic kiriko skin, all explained on the bug forum.

Can you just let us know that you have seen it, please respond on the bug forum, or on this post. So that we know that we have been heard.


It’s just a visual bug. Simple things like this usually get fixed within 1 patch.

Um… No? We still have bugs from launch. Almost all of them, in fact.

Which extremely minor visual bugs aren’t fixed?

Oh wait, here’s a few just from this last patch!

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - February 7, 2023:

I am not sure what constitutes minor, but my career profile is still bugged and the golden gun Hanzo bug still exists.

A visual issue where your golden weapon doesn’t display properly? Sounds extremely minor to me. As opposed to something like the entire skybox flickering or something.

Also, I know it’s not an actual fix because they still aren’t working properly, but you can fix your career profile by playing 1 game of open queue. You can even just play for <1 minute and leave if you don’t want to play out and entire match

Sadly I am talking about a different bug that has, again, been present since launch. Not the recent one. They stated they were working on a fix about 3 weeks into the game’s life, but I have given up all hope. It is the only thing I wanted fixed too… Figures.

They were fixed last season, no? I never had any issues with them in S2, but then they broke again.

Maybe it is just me? I have no clue. My sister cannot endorse people and I see no one else complaining about it and I do not have the same problem. Maybe there are account specific bugs. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

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Honestly me neither.

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that 1 patch takes them forever… :rofl:

Jokes aside, I hope it has been fixed the upcoming patch then.

Boosting – was thinking about buying hers soon. Knowing this bug exists I have to hold off.


If you don’t care if others can see your golden weapons or not, I would say, go for it. They look good with the mythic skin :slight_smile: They will probably fix this soon, i hope haha.

If you want to see them you can take a sneak peek on my instagram.
instagram: draaxque

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We Kiriko mains will not rest. Imagine if this bug were on Widow/genji/mercy it would have been fixed in milliseconds……

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