Kicked out of comp game, cant rejoin, lost entire friends list

I was just kicked out of a comp game for what looked like a dc, but my ping was perfectly fine beforehand and my internet was still up, when i got back into the game i tried to rejoin and it wouldnt let me (I would click the icon and nothing would happen except the sound effect). I went to social to try and friend someone on my team to see if they had the same thing happen to them and saw that my entire friends list was gone. What happened? Did the servers crash?

Literally the same exact thing happened to me.

Can confirm has been happening to me multiple times today as well.

At one point in one of my games 3 people from my team and 2 from the enemy team disconnected and a few later came back.

I initially didn’t think anything of it but it has happened multiple times today with me being affected a few times as well. Ping is fine, internet is fine but the game disconnects you to the main screen with the rejoin match function not responding.

Then when you close the game and attempt to log back in you get placed in a long wait list.

Would really like some clarification as to how this is going to be handled. Copping massive losses in SR and Bans as a result of what is a server issue on blizzards end is rough.

At the very least the game should cancel without affecting anyone in such a scenario.

They have outlined how it’s handled in the sticky threads:

Updates will be posted on their BlizzardCS Twitter account, as per usual.

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