Kicked from server

I was just put in a rather low rank game high gold/low plat as the only diamond player. After playing for a few mins the server kicked me, i managed to get back into the game and finish off the first round. Then during defense with only 1 minute left on the timer the game kicks me again, I get back in to try to rejoin again only about 30secs-1min later but the games already closed out. I lost 50SR because the server was unstable and am now banned for 30mins.

This is not my net issue as i tested websites while waiting to reconnect and everything loaded fast and as it should. I should not be losing 2 games worth of wins because your server is unstable.

Blizzard’s staff has written an explanation of how it’s possible to have “good internet” and still have issues. Read more here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #11

As for the SR loss, they have no way of telling if you force dc’d, your internet disconnected, or the server malfunctioned. Because of that, everyone gets the same penalty. More info on that here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties - #5

If you’re being disconnected often, it might be worth doing some connection troubleshooting (this would be the connection to Overwatch servers, and that is something separate from your connection to websites and streaming services as explained above). Instructions here: Blizzard Support - Running WinMTR

Let me know if you want help.