Kicked from Gauntlet

For the past 2 workshop gauntlet games I played, 1 player left and it kicked everyone for “not enough players”. Thought no big deal and went to another this time kicked and sent into an infinite queue…


Yep, same thing happened to me. Kicked out of a few gauntlet games and now I can’t get into any games at all, it just says game found and then keeps me at the searching screen only to never actually load me into a game.

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I think it maybe the high volume of players trying to access it at once but come on the queue shouldn’t break that easy.

Thanks for the report. We are actively looking into this issue.


its the same for me, any game im in for gauntlet if a player leaves its over. puts you in a new game.

It becomes a repetitive loop. Game found someone takes a small lead game ends due to not enough players. Jump to next match this happens over and over again. Basically making the game mode unplayable. Perhaps remove it from the list till you get the kinks worked out.

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