Kicked from comp games due to server disconnecting

Today during my overwatch comp matches, 2 times I’ve been kicked mid comp game and sent to the title screen with an error that reads something like
“lost connection to server due to an unexpected error”

I struggle to log back in for 1-3 minutes, and when I’m back in, I cant rejoin my comp match match, and I wasn’t suspended for 15 min like a leaver would, and I lost 0 sr

is this an issue on blizzards server side? Or an issue with my game?

Please don’t ban my account for assuming I’m purposely causing this bug to happen to dodge comp maps with no sr loss.
I legitimately have no clue why this is happening, I’ve played since launch and have never had this happen to me.

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This is a connection interruption between your computer or console and the server, not the server disconnecting. If the server disconnects, the match will no longer exist to rejoin, and you’ll see a message that says “a server error occurred.”

The best thing to do is stop queuing for Comp until you get the connection issues sorted out. Running a WinMTR may help track down the source of the connection issue.

idk what is, I did what the blizzard article says but idk what this app is or how to use it

Full instructions for WinMTRs can be found here:

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