Kicked for Nothing

Suspended from competitve for 30 mins now and I’m starting to get scared if this happens more I will be banned from competitve completely. For some reason lately I have been joining into games but then immediately after the select screen goes away and we wait for the match to start I am randomly kicked for poor connection even though my internet had no issues, I was literally able to join back after I got back to the home screen, but then it was too late. I am now suspended for 30 mins and lost 50 sr. Its definitely not my internet connection. So please fix this so I’m not banned from competitve.

Does this happen in QP or just comp? Hopefully in QP as well so you can do some problem solving.

My first suggestion would be to repair overwatch from battlenet. I believe it’s under settings, I’m on mobile so I can’t double check but a google could help if you can’t find it.

If that doesn’t find errors, try running the game as an administrator. I think there’s a way to default running the program like this, but test it by right clicking the desktop icon for overwatch and selecting “run as administrator.”

If that doesn’t work, check your firewall settings. I’m not a computer expert so again a google will help you if you’re not sure what to do.

Finally, if it turns out to be a connection issue, an Ethernet cord will probably solve all of your problems.

If it’s none of those things, that’s all I got :woman_shrugging: good luck!

You get more bans after 30 mins. Highest I’ve gotten on any of my accounts is 24 hours from leaving (before the match actually started so it’s cancelled, dw), so if it happens again you won’t be permabanned. Still a good idea to figure out what happened so it doesn’t happen again, but don’t worry about a permaban just yet.

Check out Common Connection and Latency Issues. If that doesn’t solve the issue, post to the technical support forums.

Test in quick play or arcade. Do not re-enter competitive until you are confident that the problem has been fixed.

I got banned for the whole of season 10 last season. But probably after 5-10 disconnects

try to do a reinstall on the program, that fixed my dc issue