Kellogg's Loot Boost Issue [Community Help Plz]


I’d like to start off asking if anyone else has had issues with the KFR Promotion for Loot Boxes or Loot Boosts. (Promo Page: kelloggsfamilyrewards /en_US/promotions/overwatch-loot-boost-promotion.html )
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So I redeemed a KFR Loot boost promotion back in December after 10 Days of not seeing anything show up in Overwatch I contacted Blizzard and Kellogg’s support, Blizzard said they had no control over it and to contact Kellog’s. Kellog’s re-applied with promotion to my account. Another ~10 days went by and still nothing, so I asked again and got the same responses, the promotions were applied for a “3rd” time. It’s been several days since, still nothing when I level up.

I’ve 100% confirmed my accounts are linked properly, I’ve un-linked and re-linked the accounts and received emails that both happened, so I know they are the correct accounts.

What really concerns me is that Blizzard Support doesn’t even seem to be trained on how their own Loot Box system works. They dug into my Loot Box history to see if there were issues and came back with:

“Based on the fact that these lootboxes were earned within one second of each other (sometimes even the same second) tells me that they were rewarded at the same time, which is only possible from a Loot Boost.”

Looking at what they posted, it was obvious that these double boxes were from two scenarios other than “Loot Boosts”

  1. Being Endorsement Level 3 and getting Endorsement Boxes (Which I was)
  2. Leveling up and getting an Arcade box at the same time (Which one of the occurrences I 100% remember being the case)

Again, looking for community responses for anyone else who has had issues with this promotion. So far it has been a giant headache for me. I know 100% I don’t plan on purchasing promotions again and trying to redeem them.


Support Ticket has been closed with a response that can be summed up as: “We’ve done everything (aka nothing) that we can do with the tools available to us, please post on the forums”


They claim they applied 4 to my account, it has been a week and nothing yet. I wanted to contact Blizzard support but that’s a waste of time obviously.


According to KFR there are “Technical Difficulties” with this promotion, it would be nice if someone from Blizzard could address the issues and what is being done to resolve them:

" Thank you for following up with us your Loot Boost. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

We are experiencing technical difficulties with this promotion and we are working diligently to get this corrected as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may be causing.

Please know that your comments regarding Kellogg’s® Overwatch Loot Boost Offer are valued and will be shared with the team."

(Remember that it has been > 30 days since I redeemed it and much longer since the promotion started)


Thanks for the update! I guess I’ll email them to let them know mine didn’t go through either.


I warn you, the “contact us” system on KFR is pretty terrible… also they almost never give a reply, they just re-apply the promotion and assume that’s good enough and that you’ll go away, even though it doesn’t fix the problem. The actual reply I got was after commenting for several weeks and flat out telling them to please reply to me.


Yea, this sucks and it’s broken. Blizzard support is dumping it on Kellogg’s. That’s fine but I’m not a Kellogg’s customer, I don’t buy candy cereals at all anymore. I am a Blizzard customer and this is has been a fly-by-night amateur type broken promo. Even if it is their fault, Kellogg’s never had me as a customer to lose, Blizzard needs to involve themselves coordinate with Kellogg’s. Nobody is paying me to correspond with Kellogg’s support to get it fixed, I’m 4 emails in already.


The sad part is, I asked Blizzard support if they could just grant me the 3 boxes I’d get from the loot boost, and then we can forget about fixing the problem. They said “we don’t just give people things because they ask for them”

…no you’d be giving them to me to follow through on YOUR promotion. Bunch of false advertising going around here.


Sorry to hear you guys are going through that :frowning:

I redeemed 3 or 4 loot boxes on my account, and 3 or 4 on my wife’s, and the only time we had a problem was when I had cropped my receipt scan wrong and they denied the request because it didn’t have the store name and all four corners of the receipt visible. I tweeted @KFR and gave them a new scan of the receipt, and they were able to credit it to my account. I don’t think it ever took over 48 hours for me to receive a loot box after submitting.

Maybe try tweeting them @KFR instead of emailing? Sometimes the Social Media staff actually have more leeway to fix things than the support teams, because of the potential for negative publicity :stuck_out_tongue:


TY for the report.
Did it let you know you got them when you opened Overwatch? Or do you have to wait to earn a box to see? This would save me time to know. As it stands I have to give it 72 hours and then earn a box to see that it hasn’t worked.
I’m not on Twitter. :-/

I’m going to keep plugging away at them alternately until they tell me outright to *%&! off. lol I just wish someone at Blizzard cared enough to follow through with it. This is a really bad look for them.


Did it let you know you got them when you opened Overwatch?

Blizzard support confirmed to me that there is NO indicator that they are active on your account, you only know once you level up and get 2 boxes instead of 1… another sign that the promotion / backend code was rushed and half baked.

I’m also not on Twitter.

I redeemed 3 or 4 loot boxes on my account, and 3 or 4 on my wife’s

Loot BOXES or Loot BOOSTS?? I think the box promotions might be working, just not the BOOST. I even asked KFR if they could just give me 3 loot boxes to replace the loot boost, and they ignored that request with no response.


Ohhh, I didn’t realize there was some other promotion running too, I was just redeeming loot boxes from Cheez-Its. Sorry :frowning:


No reason to be sorry, it’s still good information for us to have. Like I said before, if KFR would just redeem 3 of those to replace the boost, it would fix everything.


Just to report back, I just got two boxes for leveling up. I should have 4 loot boosts, so that should be my next 12 boxes?? I doubt I will keep up to make sure. lol I at least got one, finally.


I haven’t played in a few days, I’ll report back if it starts working. But I don’t really have high hopes…

(update 12/13) played tonight and leveled up, still no 2nd box, as I figured…

2/17/19 Update:
Leveled up tonight and it looks like it finally activated in the last few days… 1.5 months later. Still a joke of a promotion and the systems designed for it are terrible.