Keep reaper healing in 30% when ulting


50% is little bit too much when reaper ults. I know this is made to counter goats, but u make this game once again “un fun” for tank players


considering he can be knocked away or out of ult by many things currently in-game, he has low mobility and not much damage if you are not near center, their are tons of shields and matrix, and 30% isnt enough to keep him alive most times anyway, I’d say he’s fine with his 50%.


I don’t know. Death Blossom does 170 DPS for 3 seconds. 50% Life Steal means that it goes by like this:
1 person - 85 HPS
2 people - 170 HPS
3 - 255 HPS
4 - 340 HPS
5 - 425 HPS
6 - 510 HPS

Any more than 2 people is basically being your own Transcendence while also emitting tons of damage. It’s crazy imo. Hitting just 3 people outheals an Ashe constantly headshotting you. 4 and you literally would survive Hanzo’s ult.

I’d scrap 50% altogether, keep it at 30, speed up or rework shadow step, and then give him a form of long range damage. This change is just weird. Reaper’s problem isn’t his survivability - he has some of the best of that in the game. He’s just entirely useless outside of 10 feet and his e is hot garbage.


I rather they did the reverse. Keep Life Steal at 50% when ulting but than adjust the rest of his kit.