Keep losing connection to server

So about every 2nd game I play half way through I lose connection to the server, this has been consistently happening since 9/16/18, the game loses connection, I am still able to connect back to server but I am no longer in the game I lost connection in. I am running the latest version of the game to my knowledge and have never had these problems before. I live in EST, and the time that this occured has been between 1:30 am and 3:00 am. My internet is stable and works fine on everything except overwatch.

Except it isn’t stable if you’re constantly DCing from Overwatch. Something between you and the game servers, or even a small packet loss issue at your home, is causing the disconnect (there are no reported outages or server problems from Blizzard staff).

Start here: Common Connection and Latency Issues

Post your WinMTR results on this thread using Pastebin or the ` marks to put the results in the post.

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