Kaawumba's post provides interesting info

I cannot post links (unless I’m unaware of how) but look up his post title: Streaks in Overwatch, Simulation and Analysis and Data

The link that I found most helpful was “Computing Your Skill.”


You need to be level 3 (regular to check this go on your profile and you will see it near “Trust level”).

Usually, in my experience, stomp are caused at the start of the match because of something happened before the game or in voice chat.

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Are you trying to tell me there is a skill difference between bronze and GM? :open_mouth:

but yeah, I’m glad you are starting to understand that the MM isn’t particularly out to get you.

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Indeed! But more specifically that the gap between bronze and GM is actually much greater than people generally tend to think it is.

Sine Role Q came out i play more on the roles where i have the lowest SR and since im getting better in them, my placements will give me much SR in the next season and the cycle continues. I recommend it to others.

Sometimes are stomps just unlucky games. One player forget to come from spawn, first point lost. Something else happens on second and you lose it fast too. 0:2 and enemy team has 5 minutes on top. It doesnt mean enemy team is better most of the time.


every team sport game separates players based on skill then makes players play against other players in the same skill bracket. and it works just fine.
you dont grab a bunch of amateurs, semipros, pros, and olympic medalists/world champions and cobble together an “even” game out of them.

Since revised a lot of these ideas and theories. In hindsight there were serious problems with it.