Just Rework Widow Already


Widowmaker here.

I think it’s cute that you think of shooting at someone from a distance cowardly. That’s literally what every hero does.

Here’s the difference between widowmaker and hanzo.

Half of hanzo’s headshots were on targets he wasn’t aiming at
All of widowmaker’s headshots were on targets she was aiming at.

So you think shooting from a distance is cowardice and spam is skill. Maybe you should play For Honor instead, I don’t think overwatch is for you. Moving on.

What you’re doing here is a logical fallacy called an appeal to authority. You’re appealing to three different authorities and this is your entire argument.


The problem is we all disagree on the exact definition of these things with regards to overwatch. What is the most skillful, some people say surviving with mercy is just as skillful as tracking with tracer. You may disagree, but that’s why you can’t use that as argument.

They are subjective. We agree you should reward skill. We agree the game should be fun. But we all disagree on how skillfull or fun widowmaker is. So if you’re going to form an argument, you need to use things that we all agree on to support your argument.

I personally find the magic flying ball that has no head hitbox and gets a free 100 damage +CC pretty not-fun but that’s purely subjective. You probably feel differently so I can’t use that as argument. Wrecking ball is really fun when I’m playing him, don’t get me wrong.


Obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about, how Widow is played, or how to perform the basic tactics of defending against her.

Hopefully, Blizzard ignores suggestions like this. If they rework Widow, one of the only skill-based heroes in this game, I’ll quit lol.


Uhm… You do have. You can basically one shot this dude from the other side. And if you are basically missing your shots all the time, being out of position and so on- then you deserve to die :woman_shrugging:

Yea, good idea. Make it even harder for 99% of the payer base. You have to keep in mind so many things while playing her.
You need to aim, you need to think of their movement, their abilities, who could potentially dive now, where to go, how to use your grapple, where to stand, who to shoot, if you should flank or be behind your own lines, and so on and on. I spent 100 hours learning this hero and even if one hundert hours might not sound much for some people here, it actually is and I can not even do one thing right. (despite the fact that I have terrible aim :blush: )

I mean Widow has as well. You can either be better with Hanzo or with Widow. I personally feel more comfortable with Hanzo since all heroes I play are projectile and not hitscan, just like Widowmaker

You make it sound like she is the easiest character alive. Why do everyone who cries around widowmaker never play her? Yes, she is too easy, i don’t need that, i don’t like playing her, I don’t want to ruing the fun in my games- yes but how do you know then that she is broken af? Maybe you are just ALL THE TIME out of positioning, have no idea how to play against a Widowmaker and so on!

You are slowly triggering me. No joke. How can someone be this blind?




I’m just grateful for the most recent round of Grappling Hook bugfixes.


And this is why the balance is so bad right now. people dont care if it is fair or balanced, they want imbalance so THEY can have fun. that type of people dont even think about how other people feel about it, as long as THEY can have fun.

[insert laughing J Jonah jameson here]
I would like to see you try to get 3 kills, no, just 1 kill with widow without using any skill at all.

you are not the only player who has payed for this game. what about the players who have payed, but likes widow? their opinion doesnt count???

sooo make her worse than Ana? got it! if that ever happened widow would just be a worse Hanzo.


Don’t peak her. Way too many people peak snipers even though they can’t kill them. If you do that, then you are basically asking to get headshot. Also Hanzo is basically Widow on easy mode, so he’s not a good example of a skillful sniper character.


You do realize you’re a bastion main right?


I don’t care about the naysayers, I agree with you OP.

I think Widow needs a nerf or a rework for the simple reason that just by being on the enemy team she changes the way the entire opposition team have to play the game.


I agree with OP in terms of she ruins the game for everyone playing except the Widow.

My only gripe with her is how fast she can chain shots together. Her skill is fine as is and if people get you they deserve it. However, I do not agree that she should be able to just pop headshot’s back to back as fast as she does essentially wiping half if not more of a team in quick succession if they’re good.


Are you trolling right now?

But Widow can’t spam free kills. She needs 2 seconds to charge her shots to actually be able to kill someone, and that is only if it’s a headshot.


I think the solution here is not to rework the hero, but to stop feeding.


Ah, HoldTheDoor strikes again with nothing but pure sniper salt. I think this dude got his head blown out one too many times and he still didn’t figure out that countering a Widow is much simpler than playing her.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

She makes the game way too fun for Winston, D.Va, Genji, Tracer, and Sombra players. This is how Overwatch works. If you continue to choose Widow’s preys instead of counters, you will have a bad time.

There is no “across the map” in Overwatch. I can count on one hand the amount of sightlines in the game that exceed 150 meters. As far as I know, in most cases many heroes can in fact fight back. Ever tried using a projectile hero with crouch ADADing? It is way more effective than people here give it credit for. That is, of course, if you still blantly refuse to play her direct counters, which makes the job too easy.

If Overwatch were to ever drop its hitscan mechanic and implement supersonic projectiles in their place (snipers are around 700 m/s projectiles), they would be forced to add momentum and acceleration to movements. Since I just mentioned that Overwatch barely has sightlines beyond 150 meters, you are giving an overall huge buff to snipers. The distance in Overwatch maps simply aren’t long enough to make snipers start accounting for leading and drop.

The damage has nothing to do with skill, I really don’t understand you.

You are just going to get a Soldier: 76 clone. No thanks, I want her to stay unique as a sniper.

Widow players didn’t get the game for free either. Everyone is a paying costumer. And yes, they deserve to be killed for ignorance and stubbornness.

Outside forces my hiney. I already mentioned how Overwatch maps barely have any true far ranges where only a sniper can shine.

And this statement alone shows me that you have no idea what you are talking about. Hanzo is way more prone to “lucky headshots” than Widow. 99% of the time, if Widow killed you she was definitely aiming at you precisely.

I really find this statement super hypocritical coming from a Bastion main. But no, balance comes first. Overwatch community is very large and someone certainly will hate a given hero. There will never be true global “fun”. Everyone likes somethings in the game, and hates other things. We can’t ever satisfy everyone. So the least we can do is make the game balanced.

Widow is balanced. You and a few others way in the minority may not find her fun, but that’s a sacrifice we are willing to make. If you don’t like snipers, I think the FPS genre isn’t for you.

There is no infinite range in Overwatch. All maps are finite, and none of them have cross map sightlines. Very few have sightlines more than 150 m. Stop insisting on a false exaggeration.

Widow is actually prone to projectiles, because of how the game forces her to almost stand still whenever she scopes. There is not much leading to calculate if you play projectile vs Widow. But there is plenty of room for the projectile hero to juke the Widow shots, because they are not burdened by snail speed movements.

Really? Wow!
The reason Roadhog has a limited range is because his hook hitbox is the size of Texas. Widow has to be precise to the head, Hog can pull people by the air around them.

As a matter of fact, she did have a bolt action rifle at launch. The charge mechanic was added for a very good reason: stopping quickscoping.

Most of your ideas are buffs to her, but you are passionate about hating her. I find it amusing.

Precise shooting in an FPS game is cowardly and talentless. Got that. Keep typing things, you make it very obvious that you clearly have no idea how this game is played.

Also, I would like to emphasize on the bolded part for now. I will show you now how you keep contradicting yourself:

This is your contradiction. Widow is in two places at once in your world. She is isolated on a different planet sniping you from there, but as soon as you dive her she is actually surrounded by her entire team.

See the ridiculousness of your arguments yet?

If a Widow grapples and insta kills you, she deserved every single piece of your scattered brain. Because as Winston, you can prevent it by turning around or pressing E and chilling in there. Your jump would be back way sooner than her hook, she is a free kill at that point unless a healer helps her, but she’s isolated with no teamplay so that’s not a problem AMIRITE?


This is such a weak argument. Many heroes and comps require different strategies to deal with, and they are not exactly OP. Overwatch is a game of counters, and the switching aspect facilitates it.

I can say the same about GOATS, Dive, PharaMercy, Pirate Ship, etc. Yet none of those heroes seem to require nerfs except Widow.

Apparently, she is allowed to be countered easily by some heroes and comps but shouldn’t be allowed to be good at killing other heroes that she is supposed to counter. And it’s always the people who refuse to play anything but her preys seem to make the most out of this nonexistent “problem”.


I don’t mind her in the enemy team. I usually have problems with her being on my team.

I do think her primary fire should be better, just so she could be able to contest objectives more often.

To be fair, at this point I just assume that if the other team has a Widow they will probably get a few kills before you adapt to counter her.


You play Torb, Moira and Junkrat (3/5 most played heroes)

Do you think its fun for lower ranks to play vs those heroes?

Is it fun to die by an autoaim turret/Moira orb or random Junk primary fire?

Shall Blizz rework Torb bcause people cant destroy a Turret behind a shield? Shall them rework Junkrat bcause people instadies if they dont know how to play against him?

I think they wont, but i Think the same about Widow.


chipsa once said that if you want to nerf the reason why shes op it would just remove her identity as a sniper, so its just better to delete from the game.

anyone want to go #deletewidow


Ok : Give Widow a pistol for close quaters like the Talon Sniper in Archives.
Let her hang to walls and all like a spider with her grappling hook.


I think, if Widow can easily find and kill you accross the map, then you’re doing something wrong (position, not with your team, being greedy etc)


Dude you play Bastion. He is the definition of not fun when he’s being pocketed by a good healer behind shields. At least Widowmaker has to aim. But you wouldn’t know that.


120hp bodyshots with no falloff is not a way to balance by skill tho. She is oppresing anytime outside goats. Way more now Dva will be nerfed.

Im ok with some HS but not with two shots. 120hp bodyshots is not a good representation of a skilled character.