Just Rework Widow Already


All she does is make the game less fun for literally everyone else. You just die instantly from a coward across the map with no chance of being able to fight back. Put her in a fast projectile, because 300 damage on hitscan is NOT skill because you don’t even need to lead your shots to factor travel times. Make her auto fire better, do whatever you have do, but paying customers dont deserve to get killed instantly by outside forces when they deserve to be having fun. At least Hanzo needs to lead his shots, he at least has to earn his kills more and actually participate in the fight.

I don’t care how fair or balanced you think it is, it is NOT FUN to play against in any situation. You put an infinite range instakill weapon in a game full of slow projectiles. It’s basically a Hog with infinite hook range on hitscan. Just put her sniper rounds on a bolt like Ana unscoped so she can’t just spam free kills. You shouldn’t be rewarding talentless cowardice and isolated gameplay in a team based game.


You don’t play widow, do you?


No, I don’t take pride in ruining the game for people, nor would I have fun doing so. Why do you ask?


Not surprise since he mainly play characters that are counter by WM.

It’s nothing new. player coming to forums complaining about characters that counters them, calling them op and unfun.


As I thought. You only recall times she has killed you, but none when you used her.


Look at how many hours I put into other heroes instead of just proportional playtime. You think I haven’t been killed instantly by her as every hero that isn’t a tank?


Yeah, player hates their counter, film at 11.

Really as a Bastion player you should appreciate the importance of not nerfing a hero because people find them oppressive, even if their stats are not out of line.


Rework WidowMaker


That doesn’t matter when your top 3 heroes (bastion, torb, pharah) makes up a large portion of your playtime, who all get counter by WM.


You have trouble killing Widow as Bastion? Please tell me that you don’t go turret form to kill her.


You main bastion, do you think he is fun to play with or against for many people? Not being fun to play against can be applied to pretty much any hero.


Dude I’ve been pushing for a Bastion rework forever. No balance changes will help if he’s a God when pocketed or worthless alone, that’s based on poor kit design.


Play Winston and jump ontop of every Widow you see.
They will complain non stop about how the Window keeps jumping on them.


I agree that she’s the most boring hero to “fight” (die to or hide from unless youre a dive hero)


That’s a great way to feed a 1v6! Any other suggestions that don’t involve attracting the attention of an entire team? Even if I win, I’d be on cooldowns and have no escape. Assuming Widow doesn’t just grapple away and Instakill me while my mobility is on cooldown.


You should follow Miro if you want to learn the power of Winston


You mispelled Brigitte.



  • If you’re a sniper and stay in the back line, you’re a COWARD
  • Shields don’t exist in Door’s games
  • Make her less of a sniper by nerfing her scope and make her a weak 76 instead.
  • Lansing headshots don’t take skill because it does 300 dmg
  • Widow is an “outside force” that can not be killed nor dived because they’re outside!
  • Widow is the only thing that’s unfun in this game (COUGH CC COUGH)


Widow cannot be reworked into a bolt action sniper because she’s designed specifically to not have quickscopes.

  • Her optimal firerate should be approximately 1 shot per second, which puts her in line with nearly every single bolt action sniper in FPS history.
  • She’s no different than these other snipers except for the fact that she has scope charge which inhibits quickscoping.

Any possible rework of Widow’s has now been thrown away because of Ashe.

She has all of the elements that would have been beloved as a rework for Widow – damaging deterrent AOE, damaging ultimate that zones people behind walls, fast and responsive sniper, a secondary that isn’t absolute garbage, disengage and mobility option that allows air shots, and moderate damage.

Therefore, Widow is going to stay the way she is, with the exception of bugfixes when they eventually get to them in another year.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.


At least she fights up close.