Just revert mercy back and put Valkerie on E

Finally someone else says it. I’m tired of those trash abilities just replace them with stuff that’s actually balanceable .-.


I’m with ya…
20 char

I’m not talking about having Rez, they want mass Rez and Valkyrie and 60 HPS back.

Combining all of those onto mercy who is already very mobile and survivable hero would make her a much better pick in all situations compared to the other support heroes. It’s simply unbalanced giving mercy 2 escape abilities and then giving her strong healing and mass Rez (a ability deemed unhealthy for the game)

Nope. Mini Valkyrie is not going to make an underpowered ultimate overpowered.

Think about it, free flight.

Mercy can literally decide she doesn’t like the situation and fly straight into the sky. This would make her survivable very very survivable.

Would you like to play tank or dps and just as you think you’ve got mercy she flies away? Valkyrie would give mercy too many capabilities when it comes to escaping the enemy.

Also survibailty on a hero during a fight is a key point on why x hero is chosen. All the supports have about equal survivability during the fights but giving mercy that E would make her more survivable than the other supports and having Rez (a redo ultimate) up her sleeve would just make mercy that much better.

Who would you choose

Ana, a low mobility hero who has a ultimate that affects one person.


mercy, a high mobility hero who can give the team a redo.

To me I think the obvious choice stand still out by far. If a revert is wanted she should be reverted but that means she should not retain any form of her rework. Mercy was balanced to fit mass Rez (only having guardian angel) for a reason and adding more survivability to her would make her that much better.


Please make a TL;DR. Also, if Valkyrie is too OP here’s the other best suggestion:

It’s weird how she could bring back 5 people in the past and before her Invulnerability buff she was considered a trollpick as she usually didn’t survive rezzes like that.

I don’t understand??

Why ask for a revert when you’re giving mercy abilities that we’re not there when she had mass Rez.

Again I will say this. Mercy 1.0 and 2.0 were balanced to only have guardian angel for a reason. The reason? Mercy ALREADY had a extremely powerful ultimate that bought back the whole team. She did not need anymore than that. That was what made her balanced! Only having a very strong end fight and no mid fight or starting fight capabilities.

What don’t you understand about the fact she would be broken if she had more abilities added onto the base of mass Rez And guardian angel. She was balanced that way for a reason

In her 1.0 state she has never been a must pick even with ressing 1-5 players.

She was not balanced with mass Resurrect before. :man_facepalming:. We’ve already established this.

Why are you trying to prove your argument right by saying the pros played her? Pros represent maximum of 5% of the game. The ladder doesn’t play her. Or if it does, its usuaully defeat on the screen.

How so? Please explain why she wasn’t balanced?

Just be careful what you say, because if you guys are begging for a revert because she isn’t fun or balanced but your about to Call what you want her revert to be unbalanced…

Because she was underpowered… HELLO?

OWWC is playing on an older patch. Right at the Hammond release but before the buffs/nerfs to some support heroes, so no 300hp from nanoboost, 60hp/s heal from Mercy etc.

How? Explain how?

I don’t see how invulnerability and a uncounterable ultimate was underpowered? Having some of the best mobility in the game was underpowered?

Explain please because she was still the best pick after Ana got nerfed. She had good pickrate and winrate? How was she underpowered?


At this point just leave her aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Let us Mercy players adapt to a build of her before its ripped out from under us and a newer, worse version of her is put out the next month. Im getting whiplash from it

So you’re sending me a video of a mercy player whose very very biased to mercy to explain how she was underpowered?

I’d just like to say. Mercy mains, the YouTuber, are saying she’s underpowered but pros, the community begs to differ. It seems fishy that only mercy players are saying she was underpowered.

So I’d like you to explain how she was underpowered, with the viewpoint of playing with and against mercy included bevause that’s fair. If you aren’t going to factor in Howe it feels to play with and against a mercy into the reasoning she’s underpowered then it’s simply biased and one sided arguement.

I lile this idea. It’s crazy enough to work. She’s a doctor BUT how does she rex people she needs to charges it. If it takes 30 seconds to a minute to get. If look deeper at the core they’ll probably figure something out like torb and his armor packs you need to collect or heal a curtain amount before being able to rez

I don’t want to. I’ve already expierence mass Resurrect when it existed. If you didn’t, that’s not my concern.