Just remove the reload on ana and be done with it


As a healer the reload for ana is bad and should be removed.

It will make ana much more viable.

While I understand the need for it on the dps side, it’s clunky for the healer side and leaves a gap in sustainability which is a big deterrent for playing ana as a heal.



Hanzo doesn’t need to reload and he can one-shot and can switch Arrow types without reaching into a quiver

So Ana should not have a reload either.


Any barrier, shield, etc and she can’t heal people. Wasting shots by missing. She doesn’t even heal that much. The best things about her are sleep and the granade.


There, I fixed it for you.


Be nice if you explain your reasoning.

The effective dps or healing for the reload time over 12 shots does increase it somewhat but not to Hella busted, but to more viable alternative pick to moiraa or mercy, which is the role she’s supposed to have, no?


What if healing or missed shots didn’t count towards the ammo count?


I Like this idea quite a lot.


No it should be the other way around.

The way the heroes are designed now you can never balance healing vs. damage ever.

The problem is that naturally damage will be higher, the higher the player skill gets.

But with the exception to Ana this is not true for healing.
All the other healers do the same amount of healing, regardless of skill.

Depending on how we balance healing vs. damage we have the awkward situation that in bronze noone ever dies because people are not able to out dps the healing and in GM healing is worth less and less.

We kinda see this in OWL now with the single heal comps.
On this high level the dps are so good that they simply kill so fast that healing does not really matter anymore. The only form of useful healing to a dead target is rez.

So we need all healers reworked “Ana-Style” where skill directly impacts the amount of healing you can do.


There’s still skill involved, the issue is the clunky reload issue.

Reloading on the midst of healing / defending a flanker generally results in dying or your team mate dying.


Agree, it would be great


That’s a great idea.

Making reload to be 6 shots of damage. No ammo loss/reload on healing shots.

That would be great.


Nobody is denying that. But managing your ammo as Ana is still a skill.

And instead of taking away skill to increase the healing output of Ana (which perfectly makes sense now the healing output of the other supports only to a very tiny amount are dependent on their skill) the other supports (or lets just say healers) should have their skill floor increased to match Anas, and more important their healing output should vary with actual skill.


Managing reload to do damage is one thing.

Managing reload to heal people? Depends on damage that you can’t prevent from occurring, nor always anticipate the length nor times when to optimally reload.

Again it’s a very clunky mechanic not needed for healing and should be removed. Selectively for healing would be fine.


No she can do 70dmg with no falloff that mercy staff can’t do, every weapon that do damage should have reload except dva due her limited range and huge head hitboxes.


There is a lot to manage the healing. For example dont overuse your shots, your shots heal 75 HP, there is no need to heal a friendly that had only 30 dmg taken.
There is also no need to heal your tank that can easily survive with 400hp left, when you have a squishy in the enemies backline at 50hp.

Again, it is not the problem that Ana has to make this decisions, the problem is that the other healers do not, or at least to a much lesser extent.

Besides reload is actually not a big deal for Ana, it reduces her healing potential from 90HP/s to 83HP/s, that´s below 10% difference you would not even notice it much.


If reload isn’t that big of deal, why not remove it from the clunkiness?

Those decisions to heal have nothing to do with incoming damage.

The game is fast paced and damage come in droves. The idea that managing your healing decisions and HITTING the shot between multiple targets at different optimal positions is a bit far fetched - put in reload in there -> it’s clunky and makes ana a relative substandard pick between mercy / moira.

If ana is supposed to compete as a “main healer”, the reload on healing needs to go.


It always bothered me that her rifle had to be “reloaded” as though there were some sort of magazine in it. I’ve fired guns like the one Ana uses - not the biotic healing part, but air rifles with darts - and their ammo capacity is typically one dart before requiring a reload by hand. Never have I heard of a magazine full of syringes, and I just imagine bent tips and broken glass every time I think of them being spring loaded into the firearm.

They could change the animation to show her shoving a dart into the breach after each shot without changing her rate of fire, removing her need to reload. This would both be more balanced and more realistic for the type of weapon. Of course the rate of reload for a real dart rifle is nowhere near her rate of fire, but realistic reload speeds aren’t a characteristic anyone expects from Overwatch - I’d just be happy to no longer be bothered be the idea of a magazine full of syringes.