Just remove headshot from pharah when she is in the air

decrease explosive blast cool down - relative to damage taken. 100 hp of damage decreases cooldown by 50% - pro-rated.

being outright immune to headshots would make her a little too op, she already usually gets a pocket mercy…especially in quick play, i get where your coming from that shes basically a flying target but, she should either swap or play safer imo…its hard to kill her without headshots when shes being pocketed and taking cover while still spamming rockets at you.

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So the issue is that most low level players don’t purposefully try to get headshots anyway, so I don’t think it matters much to them.

For the high level players, it’s what shuts down pharmercy altogether as not even a viable option for the most part.

So the issue is how do you impart survivability in the upper tiers while maintaining the lower tiers ability to kill her like they have been already.

How do you balance skill deviance like that?

this entire game is pretty hard to balance but i still dont think its fair to outright deny headshots on any 1 hero, i think theres already too much catering to certain heroes…i dont think higher skilled players should be technically punished simply because they can aim, i think higher rank pharahs do quite well…its unfair to say lower skilled players do not try to aim for headshots…a lot of the time they do and just end up missing but its all a process and takes time to get better, so its unfair to essentially nerf snipers and hitscan just because some pharahs have issues, in a case where a widow hits every single shot, a mccree or ashe…i think the pharah should play safer or swap…high skill and good aim should be rewarded not punished and in the process can teach the pharah player to play less recklessly or to make the swaps they need for their team.

Contrary to popular belief, pharahs damage numbers and surviability are fine. Hitscan are just overtuned. They need nerfs, she doesnt need buffs (maybe a fuel revert)

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  1. hammond doesn’t have headshots when he is rolling.
  2. highly skilled players aren’t being “punished” we are trying to add survivability in the higher skilled ranks. Again, how do you do that without making it hard for lower levels to kill? You need to reduce skill dependent damage to some degree.
  3. Give us a solution ??? “If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem”
  4. adversity to change is what causes the downfall of many entrenched companies - which is what is happened to blizzard.


  1. pharahs damage numbers and survivabilty aren’t fine.
  2. it may be because hitscans are overturned
  3. one nerf would be to remove headshots to pharah in the air.

Pharahs over mid to upper level plat are very hard to find. It’s just not a viable character outside of playing certain maps and as a counter to say doomfist or junk.