Just read your topic on penalties... it's dumb, here's some free ideas how to fix it


This is just… insane. It’s bad. It’s really bad. I have a stable 100 mbps connection, and a few times I just get disconnected, while maintaining the option to chat with my team, but on a black screen after I quickly rejoin. Then I should QUIT the game, enter again, and I’ll still have the penalty for leaving AND losing SR for both leaving and the inevitable loss.

It’s only your fault. I know players should be penalized for ruining the fun for others, but man, this is a stupid, stupid system. Also, when someone on my team leaves, how is it my fault? Why do I lose SR when I have a leaver?! I have a leaver EVERY 2 GAMES I PLAY. If a player on my team leaves, at least reduce the SR the rest of us will lose by 75 or even 100%. If you see someone abusing this system - ban them from comp til the end of the season. If you see someone abusing DCs - ban them til the end of the season.

Also, when my dumb brother sits on the PC and starts insulting the other players while running mindlessly around, give me a chance to explain before you ban me, especially when it’s obvious that this is not my typical behavior in the game. And when you get reports - READ THEM and see what the people sending the reports are doing before they get mildly insulted. You know how many times people were annoying me on purpose just so that they can report me after I say a bad word? These people are the real cancer in this game, not the ones who get frustrated once every blue moon and say something to them.

Jesus, fix your penalty system, because it’s so bad, it makes me wanna stop playing.

It’s to prevent wintrading. In the long run, the SR lost from a leaver ends up not really mattering towards your SR.

Are you admitting to account sharing??? On the official forums???