Just got an E-mail to try Ashe, but


With so many clowns around here it must be only logical.


To whom are you referring to? I see no responses being trolls, and you responded to my post, so I’ll assume you think my question is me ‘trolling.’

If you think my question is trolling, then I honestly don’t want to try convincing you otherwise.

Putting words in my mouth, I see…

Never said I wanted him to go away, but since you’re ‘asking,’ I do want him to be less blatantly broken in the hands of a good player. No, I do not see any other hero being as hard to deal with, even a pro Tracer.


Just saying though, if he’s frustrating you as he is now, minor nerfs aren’t going to make it better, especially since the nerfs more or less don’t effect people who are good at him.


From what I’ve heard, they are substantial enough; it is why I’m asking if anyone has a solid understanding of when the PTR might be up.


Isnt your thread about receiving an email to try out Ashe


So, you’re one of those people who only read the title of the thread…except you didn’t even do that much, since the title implies there’s more to it.


Pretty sad if one character can make you so hurt you don’t play, is that really a healthy attitude?


Patch notes just went up:

“Can make you so hurt.”

Sounds like you’re hurt by my dislike of Doomfist; almost as if you’re subtly telling me how much I’m allowed to dislike a hero.

Not that this is the point of my thread in the first place, but I suppose that’s never stopped someone from sharing their opinion.


All good, Doomfist will be even worse than his F-tier days soon.


I doubt it. Some other guy said it’d barely make him worse, and I think it’ll be inbetween.

Like every change, assumptions will swing to the extremes until they’ve been in comp at least a month or so.


Thanks for sharing your complaints.


Thanks for reading.



Doomfist got some minimal buffs this year and now he is getting some nerfs. I’m expecting he will get even more with the way the devs listen to the loudest people on the forums.

I believe the origin of the Doomfist meta came from his counters being non-meta (like Tracer) and Brigitte making Burst damage heroes more necessary.


Sorry, misinterpretation


They won’t do anything more unless the PTR shows him to be far too weak.

Blizzard doesn’t just listen to this forum…if that were the case, Mercy would have mass rez back 5 years ago.


True, I was mostly referring to not being able to Bash through barriers.

We really needed Reinhardt to be better. /s


Eh, sarcasm aside, I like that change.

But I suppose this isn’t the right thread for that discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doomfist isn’t in a good spot “right now” if you are required and forced to run specific, multiple heroes instead of just one to counter him, and as long as he can one shot half the roster and disrupt the rest without punishment, he’s going to remain relevant for a very long time.


No he doesn’t.


Wow, you’ve convinced me thoroughly. Thanks for the elaborate wisdom.