just got a BSOD during a comp placement match

I was waiting on the countdown that occurs on hero selection so I was not actually in the match before I d/c’d, but I don’t know if I still get penalized or not. From what I know the match just ends after a minute or so for the rest of the players but I hope it doesn’t affect my record, I was 4-1 in my placements.

(as for what caused the BSOD, apparently SrtTrail.txt is missing or corrupted and I can’t log on to my new PC…chkdsk /f /r has been hanging on a certain percentage for a worrisome amount of time now.)


This can be a serious issue with the OS as something couldn’t be automatically repaired. If you are not able to finish the system check on the new PC you may need to contact the System Manufacturer or local shop to have the system checked reviewed and repaired.

As for the penalty system, we talk more about our scope of support Here.

I look forward to seeing you back into the action soon!