Just as i predicted McCree is now the target nerf dps after hanzo was nerfed out of viability

But even then, he’s mostly…Meh

So i feel like he could use sometthing more inestead of competing for “hitscan of the month” (cuz with widow existing, he will NEVER, win unless you make him literally shoot 50 bullets per second) nerf his firerate and:

A old suggestion i had was to replace fan the hammer (kinda iffy on it) cuz its kind of a Ehh ability with very little good usage, and it also cant be buffed because it becomes oppresive

My first idea was to give him an “ammo switch” ability that gives him new ammo types to use

anti armor rounds, bouncing rounds, sniper rounds, slowdown rounds, were some ideas i threw arround, maybe a anti-healing round, or something

Another idea i had was add a secondary effect to flashbang that everyone flashed was “crippled” (disabling mobility abilities) for a few secs, or had a debuff that makes them take more damage,

Or the ability to throw the grenade further if you hold it for a sec or two for a different effect

Another idea was for roll to be reset on kill, or make it give i-frames, or just make it move you more, or give you a speed buff after using it

So yeah, i dont think he needs to be changed cuz he is meta, i just thing his kit makes him a badly designed one trick pony


Those all sound pretty cool. I wish they would add depth to his kit. Because low key? The better you are at McCree, the less you use your abilities. You learn that flash is better as a deterrent. Fan is useless against anything but barriers but you need to roll to reload cancel if the barrier goes down. Roll is best saved for a reload than anything else. His Ult… Same.

You just pew pew pew. Hence why different ammo types would be pretty sick.

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Kinda like ashe ya know? I feel its a good design to strive for

Ashe trades a OP gun (like widow) for intresting utility like a DoT ability and a CC, and a good ultimate

I feel like mc could get the same

I just had another idea…what about a disorientation debuff on flash as well? Inverses controls or something

Imagine trying to aim with all your inputs including mouse inverted

Or imagine if his ult was actually a forced duel, where you target somebody and bring them somewhere else where they are forced into a 1v1 with you that would totally fit

Which could be used both offensively and defensively, either pick off a support or maybe they pop something like dragonblade and you force duel the genji just to stall him

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And a 0% pickrate in OWL.

1- OWL is by far the most extremist example, ashes stats in ladder isnt actually that bad, Its just OWL thats allergic to her

2- The reason for that is widow, Why would you pick ashe when you can pick widow

3- Notice how mccrees pickrate also drops in OWL compared to GM? same reason, and shortly behind him is…Our blue lady?

Literally everytime support players point out that Ana has no competition cuz everybody that actually manages to take spotlight off her gets unecesarily butchered it’s the dps mains that screech and scream about her being the only skillful healer so it’s ok.

As for Rein, was it tank mains that got his rivals Sigma and Orisa nerfed into oblivion? I doubt it

Lets also not point figers to “BAD DPS MAINS” tbh

its really a select group of skill elitists regardless of rule that obsess over what they belive to be skill or no skill,

and in fact, whathever is meta, becomes no skill to this group of people, thats why whathever is meta gets slegehammered except for a select few, but even then, after a while, even they, get tired

The best part is McCree has always been picked quite a lot for how below-average he’s been. Just because people like to play him. Now that he happens to be the most picked DPS, people target him just because of that and ignore any other factors. :woman_shrugging:


ive always hated the moronic argument of “pick rate tho” unless youre being picked at 16.66% (which means you are literally in 100% of games on both teams and would push your winrate down due to how wins and losses are measured in overwatch) winrate is the only real metric that matters.

who cares if you get picked 10% of the time if you lose 60% of the time?

who cares if youre doing 70k damage a match if you cant hold a 50% winrate?

its trivial things people who have no actual understanding of, nor respect for the numbers use to push agendas to act as if their arguments are based in numbers and facts rather than bias.

its an attempt to disguise bias as looking at the numbers

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Considering this is only the second Experimental Card we’ve had, and nothing from it has been pushed live I’m kind of tired of people claiming that so and so as gotten anything until it hits actual PTR. We have ZERO indication that any of the Experimental Stuff will ever see the light of day.

When I posted this originally, the Soldier buff was on the PTR and the experimental card hadn’t even come up yet. It’s actually still on the PTR as far as I know.

It kind of was. Tanks posted daily about not being able to play anything but Orisa/Sigma. Do not get me wrong, plenty of dps complained about double barrier too, myself included. I think supports did too. That meta was freaking awful. It made goats seem compelling.

That being said, I do not see many tank mains complaining about being forced onto Rein 24/7… Again. There are a few here or there. My point is… Tanks have their biases too. Rein is more fun to them than Orisa by a landslide. Who is crying about the Orisa ban? There might have been like one thread. Nobody cares.

What are you saying dude

Are you trolling or why do you say the most picked DPS is underperforming. Youre so ignorant while others try as best as they can to make some sense for you. Holy sh*t this forum is full of brainlets, its insulting.

Stop trolling

Do you even understand how it works? As more people play cree, which is almost always in each team on GM, the winrate will more and more move towards 50% because one team has to win or draw eventually. You cant have a 100% pickrate with a negative winrate.

Now having a positive winrate with such a high pickrate indicates that everytime you dont pick him, you lose.

Jesus, it really isnt that complex

The only problem is… Will they actually nerf a hero that has very little influence on the meta? I think, probably not.

Nah he’s not the only problem but ignoring the obvious and stating hes “underperforming” is just straight up bs.

you call other people brainlets but aren’t smart enough to understand that when you hold a negative winrate being picked means nothing.

youre dense.

youd have to have a 16.66 percent pickrate for it to affect your winrate and push it down because its being used so much.

McCree has a 7% pickrate. youre trying to push a point that you are to simple to know the actual metrics of.

apparently it is seeing that youre too dull to understand the numbers needed for any of the things to youre claiming to be the case.

you being too ignorant to actually understand the metrics behind the ideas youre pushing doesn’t make it bs.

it just means you have no actual grip on the concepts youre trying to frame.

Wow great 4 comments about how wrong i am because you still try to ignore the obvious?

I’m more confused about the fact that you still didnt get it even after i tried explaining it to you.

Youre being obviously defensive and ignorant because you dont want to accept what so many people here told you already.

But nah, our plat cree be like

" but duh, statistically hes underperforming duh "

Thats just sad, sorry.

ignore the obvious? I literally spelled out why youre wrong and youre too narrowminded to get it still.

“so many” who? you and who else? ive laid out how everyone who pushes this idiotic idea of “pickrate tho” is wrong.

being picked means nothing when youre always losing. his pickrate isn’t high enough to skew it to a 50% pickrate.

don’t take this account I post on the forums with as my main account.

I play in gm.


whats sad is you literally had it broken down barney style for you and you still don’t get it.

Isn’t Storm Arrow already hitscan?

no it is projectile.