Just a thought.... Transparency maybe?

Just some random thoughts:

  1. How about more transparency with the ranking system (even transparency with the endorsement system would be a major upgrade)
  2. I would be will to wait longer for more balanced play.
  3. Based on number 2, how about each level only competes in their rank, i.e., bronze only competes with Bronze until they level out of Bronze 1 and move into Silver 5. (offering enhanced experience for the longer waits, maybe?)
  4. based on #3, all roles are the same rank in a match, (i.e. all Bronze vs all Bronze).
  5. Come up with a creative yet fair way for parties with different ranks to play together. IE, if a party has a mix of Bronze and Silvers, they would automatically be queued for Silver games (maybe with a checked box where a Bronze player can accept responsibility for playing with Silver ranked players).
  6. I understand the player pool will get smaller the higher up the rank you go, so possibly Platinum through GM can be matched?

Any constructive critique and discussion welcomed.

Tbh I agree that lack of transparency about SR has been a huge problem. Especially since they explained MMR was based on winrate but still didn’t explain how SR works.
It has created a lot of discussions about the skill representation.

For what I understand from their last news about SR, in season 4, it will be much closer to your MMR meaning winrate gonna have a stronger impact on the SR shown by the game.

  1. Problem is mainly for higer ranks for what I got from devs interview at Eskay’s stream. According to them GM is like 1% of the playerbase. It means the higher is your rank, the more you’d have to wait. Its almost imposible to know what those times could be but I guess waiting over 5minutes would feel too much for a lot of people if all 10 players must be in the same div. Especially in QP.

  2. In addition to the waiting time, there’s another problem. Imagine you’re not at your deserved rank for some reason ; if you play with people on your rank only, your MMR gonna move very slowly. Devs again on Eskay stream mentionned they wanted the MMR to move faster as it might induce a lot of frustration ; especially when your rank is lower than it should be. Let’s say, you’re a Diamond player, you play another FPS for weeks before coming back to OW2. Your rank would have decayed, lets say Gold. If you keep meeting gold, you gonna need tons of game before reaching diamond back again.

  3. I feel you could set up a better DPS with a lower DPS. But from what I could catch from the devs, its not how the matchmaking works for waiting time reason but also maybe for MMR variation as I mentionned in 3. I feel the most problem of my opinion is about Tanks. If you put a tank lower too high or too low, the game might feel weird and frustating.

  4. Checking boxes wouldn’t matter actually. The problem with a group is that if your bronze player is gonna play tank but checked for all queue, it wouldn’t prevent the game to be weird. It also quickly become insanely complicated if you have 1 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold in the group : what you gonna do ? Or 2 silver, 1 gold ?

  5. So basically it wouldn’t change anything. Pretty sure there are some Plat players that don’t want to play agaisnt a GM without a GM in their team to counter. It might also create chokepoint at diamond as diamond players would never be matched with plat ; not mentionning if one gets to diamond 1 from Plat 5 might feel very bad.

Well said, thank you.