Just a heads up from the WoW forums


Funny, where are they.

I’m pretty sure what happened was resources got sucked up into eSports and I hope they are happy.

They need to actually play their games once in a while.

But to be honest, if they can’t take care of both games…


Just saying it’s laughing while it’s watching us argue like children :wink:


Pretty sure it’s actually related to vanilla servers. I don’t really see why WoW’s team would be sucked into a game they don’t even work on.


pretty sure the resources were not used for overwatch but overwatch league.


OWL only took resources last fall. They have their own team now. The resources are going elsewhere now.


No clue either.

But there is one similarity.


Eh, sort of. Vanilla servers have been in demand for probably close to a decade.


Idk why they don’t, maybe they are afraid of it taking players from the main servers?

Regardless, they should still do it.


Pff I wish we got those resources :joy:


They’re doing it now


For OW too?


Oh, no, for WoW. I’d hate vanilla OW servers


Well I would too xD
just curious.


I can imagine people playing release OW and thinking “this has to be wrong. The game was perfect before”.


Gee, because I sure miss:
150dmg body shot widow
150HP zenyatta
Defense Matrix on E D.Va
Non-infinite flight Pharah
Mass rez
Scatter Arrow
Crappy Barrier Winston
No limits in all modes
Like… Is everyone sure? Like absolutely certain?


Yep, because that’s perfect balance for some reason.


I wish the devs would spend more time on the game… There are way too many things that need fixed at the moment. But nope, OWL takes priority. :confused:


HotS did, I’m telling ya.

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