Junkrats tire should not instakill at the range it does

Junkrats tire is OP and not fun to play against becuase it always seems to instakill me from a range it definitely shouldn’t. A lot of times it feels like it has the range of DVAs self destruct (only slightly exaggerating), but at least with her you expect that and have time to actually try and avoid it, whereas with junkrat, it comes out of nowhere and just kills you instantly.

Maybe at point blank range an instakill would be fair, but that is almost never the case. Usually it detonates way up in the air or like 20 feet away, and still manages to instakill me literally every time, even if I hear/see it coming and try to avoid it.

Every Ult is OP in some way. That is why it’s called an ULTIMATE. It makes the game push through stalemate fights.
Plus you can just shoot the tire?

Nothing wrong with the tire killing. I guess removing widow is something that should be done too? Because she can instakill you constantly.

Plus why are you complaining about an Ultimate when Sojourn exists?

Im saying the range is way too Op. It instakills from a range it clearly should not. Maybe point blank but otherwise no.

With widow, she is literally a sniper. Therefore it makes sense for her to do a lot of damage at a long range, the balancing factor being skill/needing to aim. The tire on the other hand, apparently does not need to be aimed into the desired target, since the range is way too OP and will kill anyone remotely close.

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I play in an environment where playing with sound is not an option. Ultimates like Junkrat where the only cue is sound is rough.