Junkrat nerfed vs Brigitte (PTR)

Or fixed, as the patchnote suggests.

(Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018):

I’ve not seen a lot of discussion about this here as opposed to the Moira heal bugfix.
What do you guys think?

Sounds like a fix to me.

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I think this will start more:

Junkrat buff threads for “compensation buffs”

And Brigitte nerf threads because for a long time you could actually shut down a Brig hard by using the explosive damage.

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Moira’s bug fix could potentially kill her while this is just a bug fix that should not have been a thing

Well coming from an guy who plays a lot of Rat. If she’s holding her shield up and I’m in front of her. Her shield should be only taking damage. This is an bug fix if I’m correct.

True but since she was first on PTR most people assumed this was one of Brigitte’s main weakness and suggest Junkrat as a counter.

Now that’s going away I’m surprised there haven’t been riots on top of the hate she already gets. I guess it’ll come when this patch goes live.

Since junkrat shouldn’t be able to damage thru barriers i don’t think anyone other thank junkrat mains would complain.

It’s a bug fix. Ok.