Junkrat is worst than his pre double mine buff


Now his shift is less consistent
His primary fire is less consistent
His ult can be slowed by mei
And his ult keeps its sound effects while on the wall.

can we get the old junkrat back ? please ?


We need more nerfs. in a few day some random player will get stuck in a easily avoidable junk trap, cry hard about it in the forums or reddit, and blittz dev team will decide to nerf something else on junkrat.


No, because then Junkrat would be meta, and because he’s not a flanker like Tracer/Genji, a Tank, Support, or Hitscan, because people still cant get through their heads how to deal with him effectively (which mind you, isn’t actually all that difficult) he must be nerfed.


if i knew they gonna end up nerfing junkrat so bad i would never ask for a buff back when they added double mine.


Check out my thread about reverting him (because I would honestly take that over the trash they want to give us):


(Couldn’t put the full link and accidentally double posted, rip)



… Im sorry, WHAT?


this is a new nerf.


but why nerf juckrat there are so many things that they can nerf nope just nerf things that reddit crys about


Because people hate it when they can’t access 1 area in the map because junkrat can block a route. it seems people can’t use other routes and junkrat is the problem here.


devs: " We made a game with multiple characters so you can swap to counter them! Have Fun!"
reddit: " we dont like switching and its too annoying to go tank to get through a doorway if its being spammed, tanks suck, booo"
devs: " … but… switching?"
devs: " … you sure? "
devs: “… ooohhhkaaayyyy” …


Junkrat stats are decent at best. idk why they are nerfing him.


No he isn’t his buff put him front and center for the dps slot, since they’ve made small changes! Quit freaking out.


They reduced his shot to 1/3 its original size, It already doesnt get FavorTheShooter and exists on a physics tick thats behind the game tick rate… They’ve made his mines less consistent…

Thats a lot.


Where in the patch note were his mines made less consistent? Unless your talking about the fall off radius which should have been in the game anyway.


U know junkrat is designed to demolish tanks…right?


he is way more inconsistent than his pre double mine buff after this ptr comes to live.


I’d take old Junkrat since he’d become my niche pick again rather than seeing him on every map.

That said, his tire is still faster than it used to be, and can climb much better than before.

  • I’d take double mine with fall-off over 1-mine without it any day.
  • Proj size nerf will be hard to get used to, but the amount of BS kills his nades randomly got could be a bit ridiculous.
  • I’d take his current riptire that can be frozen over the one that had trouble climbing anything but small walls.
  • Even though I liked old snipey Junk, clearly no self damage was an enormous buff; I remember playing him on the PTR and being amazed at how I could shotgun tanks to death.

All that said, his ult is still great. He might charge it slower since his projectiles will hit a bit less, but I think that’s acceptable.

From the looks of this thread, 90% of you disagree with me, but that’s fine.


Actually he was meant for suppressing tank push And defending the back lane from flankers. You do realize that when this game started there were significantly fewer shield characters? Junkrat cant break -all the shields- Now he’s pitted against more armor, active healing, and shields, and has lost his ability to handle ANY flankers. He’s becoming more and more useless without a REALLY good team attached. You’d be better off playing Pharah or Brigette .


His tyre always got effected by her blizzard. But yea this seems new.

But. If your tyre is in range to be slowed by Mei that means she’s close enough to die if you detonate it.